The Cheese Chopper: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Have you been in the kitchen handling cheese slices or shreds without any mess? Surely not as it becomes a cheesy job to clean the mess.

This is no longer the fact as we bring you One such product The Cheese Chopper, which gives the power to all of you an efficient and fast way to slice, grate or store their cheese, this handy product made us intrigued about the company behind it. Let’s find out everything there is not known about The Cheese Chopper, shall we?            

Cheese Chopper at a glance:

EPISODE No.Season 12 Episode 20
IDEAOne solution for cheese storage, slicing, and shredding
FOUNDERTate Koenig
ASKED FOR$75,000 For 10%
WEBSITEThe Cheese Chopper
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!


Founders Story: 

The Cheese Chopper is the brainchild of entrepreneur Tate Koenig. Mr.Koenig, who also calls himself Mr. Cheese, invented The Cheese Chopper to bring a drastic change in the way we slice, grate, and store cheese.

Ending up with mess was too common when you work on slicing cheese. Even Grating can leave residues around one’s kitchen. Not to forget the numerous throwaway plastic containers and wrappers that cheese is stored in clutter up the fridge and make it dirty. Koenig brought on The Cheese Chopper to resolve all these problems with one solution.

The Chopper, which fits a standard 2-pound block of cheese, keeps it airtight and safe, along an easy way to grate or slice it. The gadget requires minimal effort to clean. Grater and slicers provided within the box are very easy to wash that one won’t even scrape their fingers like cleaning a box grater.

Did Cheese Chopper get a deal on Shark Tank?

In his pitch, the inventor of Cheese Chopper, Tate Koenig sought investment of $75,000 investment for a 10% stake.  During the pitch, Tate Koenig made a remark on his Kickstarter campaign, which concerns the sharks immediately and unanimously decides that’s this deal has conflicting options and too early in the investment cycle. Tate Koenig leaves the forum without a deal. 

What happened to Cheese Chopper after Shark Tank?

The Cheese Chopper did manage to raise orders more than 100,000 USD on Kickstarter. By July 2020, the company commenced dispatching its first batch of products to early adopters and received good reviews. By August, the organization finished up thorough testing of their products before shipping them out to the overall public.

The Cheese Chopper shark tank update
Other cheesy Products

Cheese Chopper definitely worth its quality and they do claim during their testing, the chopper easily chopped through 25 pounds of cheese slices smoothly without any glitch at all. Product is solely available on their own website for as little as $34.99, but Koenig did make it clear this special price remains for a limited time before the Cheese Chopper returns back to its usual retail price of around $40.($39.99)

The Cheese Chopper shark tank update

What’s the Net worth of Cheese Chopper?

No Shark Deal. But Cheese Chopper did manage to create a niche for themselves via a Kickstarter campaign making revenues of 100K USD in 2020. At the time of the shark tank appearance, Cheese Chopper was valued at around $750,000.

The Cheese Chopper shark tank update

Competitors of Cheese Chopper:

S.NoProduct CompanyPriceStorageMaterialFeatures
1Cheese SliceriBliver$19.98NoStainless SteelCheese Slicer with 8 Replacement Wires
Cheese Slicer
YasTant$24.99NoStainless SteelLuxury Size Cheese Cutter Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer Board with Wire Cutter Heavy Duty
3White PL8
Mandoline Slicer
Progressive International $42.99NoStainless SteelDeluxe Heavy Duty Steel
4Cheese ChopperCheese Chopper$34.99YesPlasticDishwasher safe, Guillotine style guide, Thick or Thin Slide.

Interesting facts:

  • With the guillotine style guide, thick or thin, keep getting the perfect slice every time.
  • Good Airtight container to hold fresh cheese 2X longer than standard storage options. Saves the environment by reducing the use of plastic wrap, oversized containers.
  • Cheese Chopper shredded or grated cheeses can save you on costs and protect us from harmful chemicals or anti-caking agents. Here you go…Long live you and long live the cheese!
  • Safe alternatives like Cheese wire and cheese blade to the dangerous cheese knife. Dishwasher safe too.
  • Recently launched – The Pizza Pack – Allows Storage for a single slice or an entire pizza!!! That’s really cool
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Is Cheese Chopper still in business?

Cheese Choppers are growing their business, have developed their own website, and crossed 100K orders mark already. Plans to spread into the relaunch with Shark tank to increase their manufacturing base. In parallel reviewing options with the large retailers to increase the market reach for higher volumes. 

To increase the company revenues, the company has launched selling cheese-themed t-shirts and coasters on their website as a new initiative on cross-selling opportunities.

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What is The Cheese Chopper?

The Cheese Chopper is one solution for cheese storage, slicing, and shredding.

Who founded The Cheese Chopper?

The Cheese Chopper is the brainchild of entrepreneur Tate Koenig. Mr.Koenig, who also calls himself Mr. Cheese, invented The Cheese Chopper to bring a drastic change in the way we slice, grate, and store cheese.

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