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What Happend to SalesPreneur After Shark Tank?


Ready to revolutionize your sales game? Meet Salespreneur – the brainchild of the indomitable Dave Greco, a man who boldly claims, “I can sell anything to anyone at any time.” If your target market is in the selling industry, you’ll want to be at the top of your game, and Salespreneur is here to ensure just that.

At its core, Salespreneur offers a game-changing approach designed to empower salespeople across all industries to effectively reach customers and seal the deal. This innovative system comprises two pivotal components: MiSSiLe and RoadMapp.

MiSSiLe is your ultimate guide, a razor-sharp, step-by-step strategy that reveals the secrets to identifying and approaching your first customer. Learn the art of crafting compelling propositions that resonate and sell your idea or product effortlessly.

On the other hand, RoadMapp is your go-to industry-specific handbook, equipping you with the insights to structure a pitch that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Elevate your sales strategy with Salespreneur and transform your selling approach into a winning formula!

SalesPreneur at a Glance:-

IdeaSales rep education system
FoundersDave Greco 
Asked For$90,000 for 40% equity
Accepted DealNo Deal
SharksNo Shark
Business statusNot in business
Episode No.Season 3
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!


Founder Story:

SalesPreneur is a curriculum developed by Dave Greco that can make anyone a great salesman. Dave is a skilled sales representative and throughout his tenure there, he has won every sales performance award and placed in the top 2% of the entire company.

The business does this by charging booklets for Dave’s “secret sauce.” Dave has been in the sales industry since he was a young child, and his aptitude and zeal led him to start a company to train others in the business.

He started selling pencils from his parents’ house to his neighbors when he was five years old, charging them 10 cents apiece.

David was able to close multiple agreements with his company that helped him prove an idea, even though he was still in the start-up stage when he joined Salespreneur. This is a big advantage.

Did SalesPreneur get a deal on Shark Tank?

In a high-stakes pitch on Shark Tank, Dave sought a $90,000 investment for a 40% stake in his company, SalesPreneur. Confidently, he declared his ability to hit quotas consistently and sell to anyone.

Kevin challenged Dave’s claim of making anyone a great salesperson. Undeterred, Dave emphasized his readiness to seal his own deal and address any queries from the Sharks. When asked about his sales, Dave revealed $40,000 in revenue over the past three months, with three Fortune 300 companies among his clients.

Mark probed deeper into Dave’s sales process. Dave explained that businesses buy the system for their teams, with 10 to 20 books sold per seat. However, Kevin questioned why Dave hadn’t sold thousands if his method could boost a company’s sales by 40%.

David clarified he’s only been in business for three months, working with giants like MetLife, which purchased 140 units at $295 each. He plans to expand with a video game and a mobile app to enhance business operations.

Robert questioned the lack of sales growth with MetLife, given its vast salesforce. David countered with plans for a mobile app to calculate customer lifetime value and cash flow forecasting.

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Despite having copyrighted and trademarked his works, David revealed a recent $60 million investment, doubling his company’s sales from $30 million, and Robert expressed interest in collaborating.

Daymond handed David a pen, asking him to sell it back. However, David’s persistent self-promotion led Daymond to exit the deal.

Robert showed interest in David’s sales skills but was skeptical about the mobile app idea. David shared plans of collaboration with a production company and personal investment, but Robert remained unconvinced.

Kevin withdrew due to perceived risks, and Mark made an offer of $90,000 for 40% equity. Barbara cautioned David against rushing with the mobile app, advising him to focus on his proven technique.

David hesitated, seeking another offer, and Mark withdrew his offer, highlighting David’s key mistake: focusing too much on pushing his product and seeking approval rather than closing the deal.

In the end, David missed out on a potential deal, as Mark grew impatient and exited the negotiation.

What happened to SalesPreneur after Shark Tank?

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Dave continued to engage with the Sharks, particularly Daymond, post-show. Daymond’s interest was piqued by Dave’s writing, leading to a post-show conversation where Dave shared insights about the unique experience of being on the show, including the distractions of numerous cameras.

While Dave didn’t close a deal, he expressed excitement about showcasing his company to millions. However, despite recognizing Dave’s sales prowess, Daymond chose not to invest.

It appears that Dave hasn’t fully capitalized on the opportunities presented to him. Despite being touted as the ‘world’s finest salesman,’ his online presence leaves much to be desired. His website, although visually appealing, has broken links, and his social media channels remain largely inactive.

While Dave’s sales skills are undeniable, translating that into sustained business success requires more than just sales acumen—it demands effective execution and a robust online presence to engage and retain customers.

What’s the net worth of SalesPreneur?

The company’s net worth is estimated to be about $225,000. According to our Salespreneur update, the company’s Shark Tank visit did not result in success.

Dave appears to have moved on to new endeavours, and the company looks to have collapsed in 2012.

Is SalesPreneur still in business?

No Salespreneur is no longer in business.

According to Dave’s LinkedIn profile, he shut down the company in August 2012, around six months after it debuted.

After that, he worked as a salesperson until 2015, when he made an attempt to revive Salespreneur. He has worked with Stellantis as a Senior Sales Leader since May 2017.

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What is SalesPreneur?

If your primary target market is already in the selling industry, you better be a superb salesman if your name is Salespreneur. Salespreneur’s owner, Dave Greco, entered Shark Tank with the boldness to declare, “I can sell anything to anyone at any time.” A technique called SalesPreneur is meant to help salespeople in any kind of business get their goods in front of customers and close deals.

What's the net worth of SalesPreneur?

The company’s net worth is estimated to be about $225,000. According to our Salespreneur update, the company’s Shark Tank visit did not result in success. Dave appears to have moved on to new endeavours, and the company looks to have collapsed in 2012.

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