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Revive A Phone (Likewize Repair UK) Dragons’ Den Update


Has your mobile phone ever been exposed to vulnerable territories that could compromise your data and put your free-flowing life to a sudden unpleasant halt? We think Revive A Phone can save you.

Some people must have started to ponder how something can undo their leaked browser history, racist group chats, or images of their sweet childhood crush.

We intend to inform such people that Revive A Phone saves your phone from damage due to exposure to water and not from you as a person!! 

Will a packet that fixes up water-exposed mobile phones be the packet to exit the Den with some Dragon Cash?

Revive A Phone at a Glance: 

Idearepairing water-damaged mobile phones
FoundersOliver Murphy
Asked For£50,000 For 15%
Accepted Deal£50,000 For 25%
DragonKelly Hoppen
Business statusActive
Episode No.Season 11, Episode 7


What is Revive A Phone?

As per the Revive A Phone website, What is now Likewize Repair began life in 2012 as Revive A Phone. Developed by Oliver Murphy, Revive A Phone was originally a ground-breaking new product that could be used to repair water-damaged mobile phones.

Encouraged by friends and family, in 2013 Oliver appeared on the hit BBC show Dragons’ Den, looking for investment in his innovative product.

The service proved hugely popular, and in 2019 after significant investment, Revive A Phone rebranded, becoming Likewize Repair.

Later that year, Likewize Repair entered into a partnership with Samsung to become the tech giant’s only UK manufacturer-approved mobile smartphone repairer. 

Who is the Founder of Revive A Phone?

Oliver Murphy founded Revive A Phone in 2012. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Revive A Phone (Likewize Repair). Until 2020, he served as the Managing Director of the company before which he was a Management Trainee at the Knight Group.

Oliver came up with the idea and technicalities of the initial product himself and manufactured the first few batches in his mother’s utility room.

After securing an investment and the viewership at the Dragon’s Den, he and his company never looked back and both of them went on to become multi-millionaires.

Did Revive A Phone get a deal on Dragon’s Den?

Oliver waved his simple seeming packet in the faces of the Dragons which puzzled them for quite a bit.

But as soon as the functionality of this simple-seeming came to light, the Dragons were amazed. No matter how amazing the product seems, Dragon scrutiny always follows.

Oliver revealed the number of individual packets sold in the previous year which was great for a cottage industry but not investible for a Dragon.

The chemical ingredients of the product were not exclusive and any large corporate could decide to manufacture them by the millions at any point in time. All these reasons led to the exit of four of the Dragons from the deal.

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Kelly Hoppen however got intrigued by the product from the very start of the pitch. She ended up offering the young entrepreneur £50,000 For 25% which he accepted and moved forward with.

What happened to Revive A Phone after Dragon’s Den?

Revive A Phone’s product was cheap, consumer-oriented, and extremely useful. Its sales flash banged for all practical purposes due to The Dragons’ Den Effect.

Revive A Phone was sold across the globe. A further product was brought to market in 2014 – Splash was a water-repelling spray that created a barrier around a smartphone, preventing potential water damage.

With the introduction of water-resistant smartphones, Oliver looked for further opportunities, and in 2015 he launched a new repair service under the Revive A Phone banner. 

Initially, devices were submitted for repair by post, however, in true entrepreneurial style, Oliver wanted the service to stand out from the crowd and so did the mobile.

Revive A Phone (WeFix) has raised a total of €2.5M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Apr 7, 2017.

The company was rebranded to WeFix a few years later. It subsequently received funding from the telecommunications specialist OneCom. Revive A Phone was acquired by Likewize in 2020 for an undisclosed amount and renamed Likewize Repair, its revenue runs into tens of millions of pounds.

Product Details:

  • It offers product repair at the user’s preferred location.
  • It offers a twelve-month warranty on all its serviced products.
  • It takes less than an hour to repair the gadget.
  • It also offers same-day repairs.
  • It is Samsung’s approved mobile smartphone repairer

Competitors of Revive A Phone:

Initially, the company’s flagship product was the only user-based solution for mobile phone repair problems but as the company’s product range and revenue grew, the competition also emerged.

What is the Net Worth of Revive A Phone?

Oliver considered his company’s net worth to be equivalent to about £330,000 before entering the Den. Kelly made a counter-offer valuing Revive A Phone at £200,000, eventually accepted by Oliver.

Revive A Phone is worth at least £20 million if we take recent developments and other revenue estimates in account. Although, we have no official word from the company or the founder regarding this.

Is Revive A Phone still in Business?

Revive A Phone is in business as of 2023 as Likewize Repair. Oliver continues serving as the company’s leader under a different title. It is undoubtedly the UK’s premier tech repair company on the trajectory of tremendous growth.

Repairing broken things is a very profitable task that becomes even sweeter when a person’s entire life resides in this particular thing. Is it time to think whether or not we are giving too much of our lives to this ‘thing’?

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What is Revive A Phone?

Revive A Phone (now Likewize Repair) is a comprehensive tech repair company. It sold water protection packets for mobile phones in its early days.

What's the net worth of Revive A Phone?

The company is worth at least £20 million if we take recent developments and other revenue estimates into account. Although, we have no official word from the company or the founder regarding this.

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