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Nitroforce Shark Tank Update


Do you want a whole body workout in the comfort of your home? Presenting the Nitroforce titan 1000 -The first ever home gym at an affordable that can give the body you always dreamed of at your home.

The venture under the name of Nitro industries was founded by Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeild.    

Nitroforce at a glance:

Business ideaFull body workout equipment that acts as a home gym
FounderFrank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeld
Asked for$250,000 for 10%
Accepted dealNo deal
SharksNo shark
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 3 Episode 15


Founder Story:

Frank had many problems with his physical health and therefore wanted a profession that would help in physical development. He underwent training in Weight lifting and became an athlete. Both founders have knowledge of nutrition 

Frank has assisted thousands of people with motivation and giving knowledge as a personal trainer. He generated his; love for athletics when he was young and later pursued the profession of a personal trainer after graduation.

Nitroforce titan 1000 is a product that was handmade by frank in his garage with the help of his business partner and friend.   

Did Nitroforce get a deal on SharkTank?

The two founders entered the shark tank seeking an investment of $250,000 for 10%. They firstly went for the demo of the product and then added adjustments or attachments and did the demo again. The attachments are for different types of physical challenges. More than 100 different exercises can be performed by the equipment.

Barbara wants to know whether the product is a prototype or not. The answer is no they have already sold 26 pieces and manufactured 90 pieces. They have already started manufacturing and the cost for making the product is 250 while the selling price is $1,299 which is a hefty price.

Kevin is interested in sales. But he is dissatisfied and does not like the odds of this business. He is out.  Daymond believes this business needs a lot of capital to educate the user. Barbara wants to know if there is any difference between Nitroforce and the other products.

Mark believes to have a valuation of 2.5 million it is important that the business should have a very good business model and well-worth sales to invest. He is out. Barbara believes nobody other than her will buy this product. She is out too. Robert thinks the product is heavy, expensive, and too big, He’s out. The two personal trainers leave the shark tank without a deal.

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What happened to Nitroforce after SharkTank?

The business did not let the setback of not getting backed by a shark hold them back. They are strongly continuing the business and they are ready for the ultimate exposure given to the product by SharkTank. They are pleased to introduce new products and let their company grow.

Product details:

  • The product cost $250 to make and sells for a hefty price tag of $1299
  • The product has a website of its own that is currently active.
  • The product has over 100 exercises for you to try out.
  • There are many adjustments/attachments that you get with the product.
  • The exercises on this instrument are similar to the ones done with weights.
  • There is no other machine in the market with this much adaptability
  • It has 50lbs -100lbs of massless resistance which helps lessen muscle soreness.
  • The two personal trainers believed that the product could be sold on any TV home shopping channel.

Competitors of Nitroforce

The three main competitors are:

  • Super nitro
  • Test core
  • Xtreme nitro
  • And many more.

What is the net worth of Nitroforce?

When the company was in Shark Tank the valuation was $2.5 million as per the founders. There is no update on this information as of today.

Is Nitroforce still in business?

Yes, the company is still in business and is enjoying its sales they were able to expose the product to a good amount of people. Hope this equipment reaches millions of homes around the country and helps people to make a fitter and healthier future for all.

The company has introduced a new product under the name of Nitroforce industries. Despite having many competitors they have claimed a place on the center stage of the workout world. Let’s see how far and to how many customers does this product reach?

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What is Nitroforce?

Nitroforce is a Full body workout equipment that acts as a home gym.

Who founded Nitroforce?

The venture under the name of Nitro industries was founded by Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeild.

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