PMS Bites Shark Tank Update

Are you a woman suffering from PMS who craves a lot of sweet food? Are you worried about your health once you finish your guilt-snacking?

Well, then go no further because PMS Bites is here to satisfy your sweet cravings with their bite-sized snacks that are sure to be both delicious and healthy for your body.

PMS Bites at a Glance:

IdeaSpecialty snacks for women suffering from PMS
FoundersTania Green
Asked For$50,000 for 20%
Accepted DealNone
Business statusOut of Business
Episode No.Season 7, Episode 29


What is PMS Bites?

PMS Bites is a company founded by Tania Green that deals in making snacks that are gluten-free, and vegan and help women with Premenstrual Syndrome to satisfy their cravings guilt-free.

These sweet bites are made from chocolate and herbs that help in getting rid of various PMS symptoms.

Women suffering from PMS usually crave a lot of sweet and salty food which leads to unhealthy snacking.

PMS Bites aims to solve this problem with its delicious yet healthy snacks that satisfy the sweet tooth while helping with getting relief from PMS symptoms like bloating and cramping.

Founder Story:

Tania Green created this company when she started becoming aware of the massive gap between the requirements of women who suffer from PMS symptoms and the snacks available in the market.

The snack options available are very limited and equally unhealthy as well

Tania herself suffered from various PMS symptoms and knew that she craves mostly sweet and salty foods during her monthly cycle.

So, she decided to commercialize her solution to fight these cravings and gave way to PMS Bites, a company aimed to deliver delectable snacks catering particularly to women.

Did PMS Bites get a deal on Shark Tank?

The founder enters the tank with an ask of $50,000 for 20% equity, valuing the company to $250k. She begins her presentation by enacting the pain of women around the world that suffer from PMS.

She then delivers the statistics of how long these symptoms last which is about 7 to 10 days which is about a third of a year where women suffer from symptoms like bloating, cramping, irritation, and cravings.

She then delves into the finance part of her company, stating that the lifetime sales of PMS Bites are $13,400 from the seven months that they have started operating.

The wholesale price of the products is $4.50 and the retail price is $7 while the production cost remains to be at $1.55 bringing her profit margin to 66%.

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Though the sharks loved the taste of the products yet all the sharks had concerns with the target market of the company which includes only women, excluding potential buyers in the likes of men and children.

Mark Cuban also provided her with an insight to increase her online presence since her product could go viral on Social Media. Tania hence has to walk away without a deal.

What happened to PMS Bites after Shark Tank?

After the show aired on television, Tania resolved to work harder on her product.

She even met Shark Kevin O’Leary coincidentally in a hotel after the episode premiered. She took constructive criticisms for sharks and deemed her brand to be successful soon.

While PMS Bites remains available and the website remains operational, Tania says that she no longer wants to expand her business or boost marketing as she is content with her current sales.

The company continues to sell its products online (with free home deliveries). Tania hopes to sell the product in Whole Food Stores and nontraditional stores like gyms and yoga studios.

As of 2023, the company has ceased to operate though it continues selling its products online. Tania is now a chief marketing officer at Healthworks Fitness in Boston.

Product Details:

  • The company serves sweet snacks that are made from chocolate and special herbs that claim to relieve various PMS symptoms.
  • All the snacks are gluten-free and vegan.
  • The snacks are bite-sized versions aimed at satisfying cravings.
  • Three varieties of snacks are available: Plain Crazy(chocolate), CocoNutty(chocolate dusted with coconut), and all kinds of nuts(chocolate sprinkled with nuts and crunchy pecans).

What is the Net Worth of PMS Bites?

The net worth of PMS Bites while entering the tank was $250,000 and the company had to exit without grabbing a deal.

The current net worth of the company seems to be undetermined as the company stopped operating in the year 2018 going out of business.

Who are the main competitors of PMS Bites?

The major competitors of PMS Bites are:

  • Healthlystop (with a valuation of around $5 million)
  • Munch upon a time (with a valuation of $5 million)
  • Paradise Snax (with a valuation of $5 million)
  • (with a valuation of $5 million)
  • All Day Chefs LLC (with a valuation of $5 million)

Is PMS Bites still in business?

No, PMS Bites ceased operations in the year 2018 and still remains un-operational. Only their website continues to operate, still selling their leftover products.

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What is PMS Bites?

A company that deals in sweet snacks aimed at satisfying the sweet cravings of women suffering from PMS symptoms.

What's the net worth of PMS Bites?

The current net worth of the company seems to be undetermined as the company stopped operating in the year 2018 going out of business.

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