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Bottle Breacher Shark Tank Update


Have you ever wanted to gift the male members of your family or your boyfriend a gift that signifies glory and bravery?

if yes, then Bottle Breacher is here to solve all your problems.

Bottle Breacher is here with a solution to all your gifting complexities by presenting a range of unique gifts that exemplify glory in the form of recycled bullet materials.

Bottle Breacher at a Glance:

IdeaLine of bottle openers made from recycled bullets
FoundersEli and Jen Crane
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Accepted Deal$150,000 for 20%
SharksMark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 6, Episode 8


What is Bottle Breacher?

Bottle Breacher is a company that manufactures unique bottle openers that are designed and manufactured from recycled 50-caliber dummy bullets that can be used for gifting purposes.

All his products are handmade by Active duty service members, Reservists, and Veterans.

The product is powder coated and not spray painted and the brass is also hand polished.

The product aims at not only providing a unique range of gifts for men but also employment to various veterans of the Navy or military. The company also fulfills its agenda of using waste bullets in an innovative and fun way.

Founder Story:

The idea of Bottle Breacher struck the founders from a very unexpected place.

Eli Crane received a souvenir of becoming a navy seal from the Philippines, which was a bottle opener made from a dummy 50-caliber bullet.

They got inspired by this bottle opener and decided to improve upon its design to make their version of a “Bottle Breacher”.

Eli worked in his garage and created the first prototype of Bottle Breacher, sourcing its name from breaches used in military operations that open locked doors or destroy obstacles that keep soldiers from advancing into an attack area.

This marked the beginning of the company “Bottle Breacher”.

Did Bottle Breacher get a deal on Shark Tank?

The couple entered the Tank seeking an investment of $150,000 for 10% equity, valuing the company at $1.5 million.

They begin their pitch by explaining their unique range of gifting that includes their flagship product, a bottle opener that is made from recycled bullets. They also hand out samples for testing.

They then explain their cost which is $9.03 including labor and has reached about half a million in sales already.

They explain how the product can also be made from different bullets having different calibers. They also state that they need money for increasing their manufacturing space.

All the Sharks seem to be interested in investing in the business. Kevin O’Leary offers $150,000 for 20% to the couple immediately after their pitch.

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Daymond also offers $200,000 for 25% and Mark wants to join Kevin in his deal. Eli and Jen eventually accept the deal given by Kevin and Mark.

What happened to Bottle Breacher after Shark Tank?

After the episode aired, the company gained a huge number of admirers, and their orders increased manifolds. So much so that, the company had to face inventory issues for a little while. They have now solved this issue and are now back on track.

The founders were back on Shark Tank in an update episode where they explained how they solved their inventory issue and how their website had so much traffic that it crashed.

They went from selling 175 units a day to over 1000 and from 8 to 32 employees within a few months of the episode going on-air. They have accomplished $2.5 million in sales.

In Season 7 of the show, the duo appeared with Shark Kevin O’Leary to announce Nantucket, a company that aims at packaging his line of business into the wedding industry.

Since partnering with Kevin they have recorded record sales of $4.2 million. Eli also became the Brand ambassador of Sig Sauer, a company that manufactures firearms and ammunition.

In April 2022, Eli sold his company to Mike and Amber Wall for an undisclosed amount.

The company continues to accomplish its missions and has clocked around $20 million in lifetime sales with an annual revenue of around $4 million.

Product Details:

  • The company manufactures a range of unique products that are mainly used for gifting purposes.
  • The bottle openers are made from 50-caliber recycled bullets.
  • They can be customized according to your tastes and styles or for some special events.
  • A very unique product that they made was a bottle opener for breast cancer awareness which was pink in color.
  • The products are unique, hand-crafted, and made from authentic bullets.

What is the Net Worth of Bottle Breacher?

The valuation of Bottle Breacher when it entered the Tank was $1.5 million and they accepted a deal that valued the company at $750k.

After the episode went on air the company flourished thoroughly and is now at a net worth of more than $5 million with an annual sales of $4 million.

Who are the main competitors of Bottle Breacher?

The major competitors of Bottle Breacher are:

  • Babel Gifts Co Ltd (with a valuation of $5.5 million)
  • Metal Badge (with a valuation of $11 million)
  • Shuen Fuh Enterprise Co Ltd (with a valuation of $5.3 million)
  • Brightway Gifts Co Ltd (with a valuation of $6.2 million)

Is Bottle Breacher still in business?

Yes, Bottle Breacher is still in business as of 2023. The company has now been acquired by Mike and Amber Wall for an undisclosed amount yet it continues to function and fulfil its aims.

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What is Bottle Breacher?

Bottle Breacher is a company that manufactures unique bottle openers that are designed and manufactured from recycled 50-caliber dummy bullets.

What's the net worth of Bottle Breacher?

The valuation of Bottle Breacher when it entered the Tank was $1.5 million and they accepted a deal that valued the company at $750k.

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