Love Bomb Cushions Dragons’ Den Update

When you were a child, you did not need support to sleep and your mother wouldn’t let you have one anyway.

But as water flowed down the river, you gathered the weight of worldly tensions in your head and you need a soft and comforting support to lay this load on.

To your disappointment, this article is not about your love but about Love Bomb Cushions.

Love Bomb Cushions were soft, cuddly, and lively cushions based on emojis that gave comfort to your loaded head as well as made your mood lighter. The inspiration behind this company also was a deep load that turns of life laid on its founder.

Enough of philosophical talk, let’s find out whether or not Love Bomb Cushions was able to get Dragon money hidden beneath it. 

Love Bomb Cushions at a Glance: 

IdeaEmoji based cushions
FoundersSarah Agar-Brennan
Asked For£80,000 For 10%
Accepted Deal£80,000 For 30%
DragonsTej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell
Business statusDissolved
Episode No.Season 15, Episode 4


What are Love Bomb Cushions?

The Fun Cushion Company was founded in 2015 and manufactured licensed novelty cushions under the brand, Love Bomb Cushions.

This family-owned British company aimed to be the No. 1 choice for novelty cushions and related giftware products for all ages.

With very strong values, the company took time to find manufacturers in China and the UK that were audited by 3rd Party Organizations to ensure workplace conditions and employee treatment was responsible and ethical.

Love Bomb Cushions were super soft, super cuddly, and instantly loveable and to date had been designed around the license the company owned for the Emoji.

The high-quality product range was supported by great point-of-sale, social media campaigns, and fast and efficient logistics.

Their launch at Autumn Fair 2015 was successful, leading to sales and the signing of many stockists. With a small team and a growing product portfolio, the next challenge was how to best reach a larger number of potential stockists and accelerate sales.

The company appeared on the Dragons’ Den in 2017 and two Dragons invested in it. Yet, it could not crack the code and failed to make it big in the industry. It stands dissolved as of this day.

Who is the Founder of Love Bomb Cushions?

Sarah Agar-Brennan founded Love Bomb Cushions in 2015. She used to run a small but successful business with six outlets.

She sold the business in distress because a tragedy claimed her son. She floated an organization named SK8 Safe after that for a long time. In 2015, she decided to make a comeback in the business segment with Love Bomb Cushions.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Teesside University and a Master’s in Research, Business, and Management from the University of Huddersfield where she currently serves as an Enterprise Advisor. 

Did Love Bomb Cushions get a deal on Dragon’s Den?

Sarah was escorted into the Den by her mascot in style. She had a range of Love Bomb cushions on display for the Dragons.

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Her pitch was flawless and the Dragons were presented with her high-quality high-margin product at the end of it. The Dragons seemed to be impressed but their cross-examination followed.

When asked about the company’s year-to-date revenue, Sarah started deviating from the topic and eventually revealed that her cushion company turned over just about £90,000 in the nine months before that.

This was a red flag for the Dragons but an insight into Sarah’s personal life convinced them to take a bet on her and not the business.

Sarah ended up accepting Tej and Jenny’s deal of 30% equity for £80,000. This seemed to be a lifeline for Sarah and Love Bomb Cushions. 

What happened to Love Bomb Cushions after Dragon’s Den?

Love Bomb Cushions seemed to be ready to resume the dream run that it had in its first financial year with the help of Dragons.

The demand for their product also must have sky-rocketed in the following weeks due to the Dragons’ Den effect. However, the balance sheet indicated an oncoming disaster.

Financial data of the company suggests that it secured a loan from Bibby Financial Services in the November of 2017. All the attempts to make the business bloom failed in the following months and the company failed to survive the fiscal year. 

The Director of Love Bomb Cushions LTD filed for the company’s dissolution on December 10th, 2018. The fate of the company reflected the fact that the Dragons made an emotionally charged decision to invest in a business whose stats waved red flags in and out.

The Dragons failed to see that it was not the change of distribution that affected Love Bomb Cushion’s sales; it was the fact that the market had rejected a product that seemed fancy but was not practical and cost-effective.

Product Details:

  • It was an emoji cushion.
  • It had a license from The Emoji Company.
  • It was a high-quality and premium product.
  • It offered a huge variety of products.
  • It was available in offline stores in the UK and online on Amazon and the company’s website.

Competitors of Love Bomb Cushions:

A cushion is not an astrophysics-backed innovation. They are manufactured by millions worldwide and thousands of sellers exist in every single city in the UK.

The sheer number of competitors in the market was a major factor in bleeding out Love Bomb Cushions to oblivion.

What is the Net Worth of Love Bomb Cushions?

Sarah valued her company at an imaginary £800,000. The Dragons in all probability out of pity valued the business at £265,000.

Love Bomb Cushions LTD didn’t even make it to the next financial year. It was practically dissolved in December 2018.

Is Love Bomb Cushions still in Business?

No, Love Bomb Cushions LTD is no longer in business. It was dissolved just over a year after its Dragons’ Den featuring, proving the fact that the Dragons aren’t actual Dragons. Humans tend to make emotional decisions sometimes which prove to be wrong most of the time.

Logical and analytical thinking is a human’s survival needs, failing to do so results in irrecoverable losses.

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What is Love Bomb Cushions?

Love Bomb Cushions were super soft, super cuddly, and instantly loveable and to date had been designed around the license the company owned for the Emoji.

What's the net worth of Love Bomb Cushions?

Sarah valued her company at an imaginary £800,000. The Dragons in all probability out of pity valued the business at £265,000. Love Bomb Cushions didn’t even make it to the next financial year and was practically dissolved in December 2018.

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