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Free PDF Editor apps for Android [Updated]


In the era of smartphones and on-the-go productivity, PDFs have become an essential format for sharing and managing documents.

Whether you need to edit, annotate, or sign PDFs on your Android device, a reliable PDF editor app is a must-have. While there is a myriad of options available, investing in a premium app might not be necessary, as there are several outstanding free PDF editors for Android that offer powerful features.

In this article, we will explore the top five free PDF editor apps for Android, designed to cater to all your mobile document needs.


Xodo PDF Reader & Editor:

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a feature-packed app that goes beyond just reading PDFs. It offers a comprehensive set of editing tools, allowing users to highlight, underline, and strike through text.

Xodo also enables text and image annotations, making it perfect for collaborative work or studying. Users can merge, rotate, and reorder PDF pages effortlessly.

Moreover, Xodo’s seamless cloud integration ensures easy access to your documents across devices, making it a top choice for both personal and professional use.

Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a household name in the world of PDFs, and its Android app lives up to the reputation.

While the full range of features is available with a subscription, the free version still offers robust editing capabilities.

Users can highlight, underline, and comment on text. The app supports filling out forms and adding signatures. With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can sync and access your files across devices, ensuring you stay productive while on the move.

Foxit PDF Reader & Editor:

Foxit PDF Reader & Editor is known for its fast performance and user-friendly interface.

This app provides essential editing tools, such as adding text, images, and shapes, as well as annotating with comments and drawing tools.

Foxit’s collaboration features enable real-time document review and commenting. Furthermore, the app supports connected PDFs, which allow you to track who has read or annotated your shared documents.


PDFelement is a powerful PDF editor that has made its mark on Android devices.

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While the app primarily offers in-app purchases for advanced features, the free version includes essential tools like text and image editing, annotations, and the ability to fill out forms.

PDFelement ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience, making it suitable for both personal and professional document management needs.

Librera PDF Reader:

Librera PDF Reader is a versatile app that goes beyond PDFs and supports various ebook formats. It features a user-friendly interface and supports customization options for comfortable reading.

When it comes to PDF editing, Librera allows users to add comments, draw, and fill out forms.

This app is perfect for those who seek a lightweight and multifunctional reader with basic PDF editing capabilities.

With the right free PDF editor app on your Android device, you can effortlessly manage and modify your PDF documents, enhancing productivity on the go.

The top five apps mentioned in this article – Xodo PDF Reader & Editor, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit PDF Reader & Editor, PDFelement, and Librera PDF Reader – offer a comprehensive set of features to cater to your diverse document needs.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone who handles PDFs regularly, these apps will undoubtedly elevate your mobile document management experience.

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How can I edit a PDF on my Android for free?

You can edit a PDF on your Android for free using apps like Xodo PDF Reader & Editor, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or PDFelement. These apps allow you to add text, annotate, highlight, and fill out forms on your PDF documents with ease.

Which app can edit PDF for free?

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a free app that allows you to edit PDFs on Android. It offers features like text editing, annotation, highlighting, and form filling. With its user-friendly interface, Xodo is a great choice for seamless PDF editing without any cost.

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