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Fixed App: What Happened After Shark Tank?


Are you frustrated with the number of wrong parking tickets imposed on you and do not want to keep running on court dates for contesting them?

Are you unaware of the procedure for contesting the wrong tickets and being forced to pay what is legally invalid?

The fixed app is here to end all these problems and help you claim back all that is rightfully yours!

With a flourishing array of advocates and algorithm that detects errors in your tickets, the Fixed app helps you to contest your tickets without the hassle of running to the courts frequently.

Fixed App at a Glance:

IdeaAn app to fight for wrong parking ticket citations
FoundersDavid Hegarty
Asked For$700,000 for 5%
Accepted Deal$700,000 for 7%
SharksMark Cuban
Business statusOut of Business
Episode No.Season 7, Episode 14


What is Fixed App?

Fixed is a mobile app that helps people to fight against fake parking tickets and citations that are otherwise impossible to fight against.

Fixed functions under governmental laws to bring justice to people against the government-based racket of ticketing abuse.

Fixed provides an uncomplicated and easy solution to contest false parking and traffic citations by providing an advocate that fights the case on behalf of the user, freeing them of the hassle of court dates.

They also provide proper advice on whether the ticket can be canceled due to some misleading signs or not.

Founder Story:

The idea of Fixed got “fixed” into David’s mind when he got two tickets while he was contesting for some other tickets.

He was furious and someone jokingly told him to create an app for fighting parking tickets. This frustration and desire to rid other people of this problem led to the creation of the Fixed app.

The company is solely driven by the motive “It’s fine to say we live in a democracy and that we have rights, but your rights begin and end in your ability to access help to preserve them.”

With this powerful reason behind the startup, David built the app’s network in the whole of San Fransisco to consolidate his idea.

Did Fixed App get a deal on Shark Tank?

David, the founder of the Fixed app entered the tank with an ask of $700,000 for 5% equity, valuing the company at $14 million.

He pitches his revolutionary business idea that helps customer contest tickets while freeing them of the tedious court proceedings.

He explains his revenue model which is $5-$6 per ticket on average with a customer acquisition cost of $4-$5. They have a retention rate of 70% with a win rate of 20-30%.

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Their sales were $80k in the year of broadcast. They wanted the sharks’ expertise in expanding the business to various cities.

Except for Mark, all the other sharks did not want to invest in the business as it was a slow-scaling business according to them.

Mark offered David $700,000 for 7% equity since he liked David’s mentality on calling out the government where it is wrong. David accepted the deal with a promise that Mark would be available to him for advice and be involved in the business.

What happened to Fixed App after Shark Tank?

Though David sealed a deal with Mark on the show, the deal never actually went through due to some technical issues.

Apart from being stranded on the supposed investment the company also faced various legal apprehensions as various municipalities chose to ban the company citing its “unlawful nature”.

After the episode aired, the company ran into major legal troubles as some attorneys filed complaints to the bar association stating that the app was likened to “practicing law”.

Though the management was clear about the fact that they were working according to legal ethics yet these troubles led to the likes of San Francisco, Oakland, and L.A. shutting down access to the Fixed app.

6 months after the show, the company got acquired by Lawgix and no longer functions as a standalone app.

Product Details:

  • Fixed lets you input your ticket against which you want to put up a fight and all the other pieces of evidence that were misleading in it.
  • The user is then assigned a fixed advocate that advises the user on whether the ticket can be beaten or not.
  • If the user wants to contest the ticket, the advocates prepare a proper contest letter and it is mailed to the concerned authorities.
  • All the main court proceedings are henceforth handled by the advocate.
  • If the case succeeds and the ticket is canceled then the user has to pay 25-30% of the original ticket cost to Fixed, if not then the user is not liable to pay anything to the app.

What is the Net Worth of Fixed App?

The net worth of Fixed App while entering the show was $14 million and the founder accepted the deal by Mark Cuban valuing the company at $10 million.

The company has now been acquired by a law firm, Lawgix for an undisclosed amount and hence its net worth remains undetermined.

Who are the main competitors of Fixed App?

The major competitors of the company that function under the same domain and cater to the same target audience are:

  • Win-it
  • Get Dismissed
  • Parking Panda
  • DoNotPay

Is Fixed App still in business?

No, the company is no longer in business and has now been acquired by Lawgix. The company no longer provides standalone services to the users.

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What is Fixed App?

Fixed is a mobile app that helps people to fight against fake parking tickets and citations that are otherwise impossible to fight against.

What's the net worth of Fixed App?

The net worth of Fixed App while entering the show was $14 million and the founder accepted the deal by Mark Cuban valuing the company at $10 million.

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