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Baker’s Edge: What Happened after Shark Tank?


Are you a crust lover and crave to have more crusts on your baked items? Do you wish to have a way to create every brownie or lasagne with a crust?

Go no further than Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan which brings to you specially designed and patented brownie pans that ensure that every brownie of a batch has at least two sides.

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan at a Glance:

IdeaManufacturing gourmet brownie pan
FoundersMatt and Emily Griffin
Asked For$400,000 for 20%
Accepted DealNone
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 5, Episode 29


What is Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan?

Baker’s Edge is a company that specializes in a variety of innovative baking tools and kitchen appliances.

Their flagship product is the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, which is a gourmet pan used to prepare brownies with edges on all sides.

Baker’s Edge has also introduced its Lasagna pan and Muffin pan in its array of pieces of baking equipment. It is a revolutionary way of baking anything possible with crusts, that turn out to be heaven for crust lovers.

Founder Story:

Matthew Griffin is the inventor and founder of Baker’s Edge.

The idea for the edge brownie pan occurred to Matthew when he was discussing an episode of Oprah Winfrey’s show that featured an entrepreneur named Abbey Fleck who shared her story of inventing a microwave bacon rack.

Abbey’s success inspired Matthew to look for daily yet genuine problems that he can provide a solution to.

This led to him creating the Edge brownie pan after several years of research and development from scratch. They in fact had to empty their bank accounts for the production and patenting of the product.

Did Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan get a deal on Shark Tank?

Matt and Emily entered the tank seeking an investment of $400,000 for 20% equity valuing the company at $2 million. They then pitch their idea along with the demonstration of their product. They also claim to have all their products patented.

The couple then delved into the finances of the company, proclaiming their lifetime sales to be $6 million. The current year’s sales were $250,000.

They also got a spike in their sales of about $2 million when Oprah publicized and backed their product. They also tell about their new product that is next in line to be launched- the Better Muffin Pan which will sell for $35.95, similar to that of brownie pan.

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After their presentation, the couple was unable to seal any deal with the sharks due to various reasons.

Mark and Kevin think that the products aren’t as revolutionary as they claim to be, and neither will they change the world in any way.

Lori and Barbara seem to be under confident with the product itself and Robert thinks that the couple is way too comfortable even with the declining sales in their business.

What happened to Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan after Shark Tank?

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the company got a major break when they won $25,000 at the “ideas happen” contest which was sponsored by VISA and MSN. They sold a ton of pans thanks to the publicity through the competition.

Their journey to Shark Tank did not bear any fruit in terms of investment yet the company proceeded to introduce lasagne pan and better muffin pan.

The company was performing well in Amazon stores until it was acquired by Sorfeo for an undisclosed amount. Sorfeo is a consumer-based product company where the shark Mark Cuban is also an investor.

Product Details:

  • The edge brownie pan is a standard-sized pan for making brownies except for the fact that it has three dividers which ensure that each brownie has at least two corners.
  • The product has a non-stick surface that helps in better and faster cooking.
  • The company also has a range of other baking products such as lasagne pans and muffin pans.
  • All the products have a non-stick surface that aids even cooking throughout.

What is the Net Worth of Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan?

Before entering the tank, the company was valued at around $2 million since the couple asked for an investment of $400,000 in exchange for 20% equity. They had around $6 million in revenue even before gracing the show.

Though the company was unable to grab a deal on Shark Tank yet it continued to function after the episode aired.

The net worth is estimated to have increased significantly before the company got sold out to Sorfeo for an undisclosed amount, hence deeming the Net Worth undecipherable.

Who are the competitors of Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan?

The major competitors of the company are:

  • Clasen’s European Bakery (with a valuation of $8.2 million)
  • Weeki Wachee Candy Co. (with a valuation of more than $5 million)
  • Whisk Bakery (with a valuation of more than $5 million)
  • Delicious creations (with a valuation of more than $5 million)

Is Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan still in business?

Yes, Baker’s Edge is still in business only that they have been acquired by Sorfeo which is a consumer-based product company.

It will be interesting to see the growth of the company after this deal and how the sales and net worth get affected.

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What is Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan?

A company that manufactures high-quality baking equipment and kitchenware.

What's the net worth of Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan?

Before entering the tank, the company was valued at around $2 million since the couple asked for an investment of $400,000 in exchange for 20% equity. They had around $6 million in revenue even before gracing the show.

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