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Felt App: What Happened After Shark Tank?


Those were the days when we use to send handwritten letters to our friends and family. The art of writing handwritten letters is slowly eroding now. But the art of handwritten cards is been maintained by our Felt app.

The Felt app allows a beautiful set of templates with pictures for every occasion and allows an awesome writing toolkit (to take your handwriting into scripted text) to send heartfelt messages.

Felt App is a mobile greeting card company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2015. It allows users to create and send personalized, handwritten cards through their mobile devices.

The app uses a technology that mimics the feel of a real pen writing on paper, and users can choose from a variety of designs and add their own photos and messages to create a unique card. The cards are then printed, stamped, and sent directly to the recipient’s mailbox.

Felt App at a glance:

EPISODE NOSeason 7 Episode 29
BUSINESS IDEASend A Handwritten Card Or Note App
FOUNDERTomer Alpert
ASKED FOR$200,000 For 6%
ACCEPTED OFFER$225,000 For 10%
SHARKKevin O’Leary
WEBSITE Felt app


Founder Story:

Tomer has been entrepreneurial from his early school days. He loves nature and moved into Telluride mountains and start Felt with his own investment of $100K. He realized that not everyone goes to the depth of taking the pain to buy a greeting card from a shop that may not be personal.

Felt App shark tank update
Tomer Alpert

That’s precisely how Felt was born, the Felt App lets you pick your favorite card, then add your handwritten note using your own finger or the stylus and add the delivery address. The app then takes care of the rest – it will print, seal, stamp and mail it to the receiver within a day.


Tomer makes a pitch in Shark Tank for $200,000 on a 6% stake in his business in 2016 for his own creation Felt app. Tomer Alpert demonstrates the Felt App which works in three simple steps – choose the photo card, add a handwritten message and delivery address and we get it done in 24 hours. The collection of cards is awesome, as many are made by renowned illustrators, artists, and designers and constantly adding new designs.

Felt is an app that takes your selected photo card and handwritten message, prints, and mails handwritten cards to your loved ones in this digital-driven world.

Kevin O’Leary offers Tomer $225,000 for 10 percent which was a generous offer and Mark Cuban who had another proposal along with Barbara states Tomer if you pick this one from Kevin then it’s insane. Tomer Alpert accepts the offer and happily walks out of Shark Tank with a deal from Kevin.

What Happened to Felt after Shark Tank?

Post the Shark Tank episode the Felt app received a lot of interest and their sales have been reaching greater heights. The company had an initial funding of $220 K but post the Shark Tank deal grew multi-folds. Today the company has over 40 employees based out of Telluride Colorado.

Felt App shark tank update

The company is growing at a rapid pace as they have now merged the handwritten cards with occasions to the club with gifts as per seasonal moods. This has steered the consumers’ interest to a large extent.

The company proudly has grown from a few hundred thousand to $1.5 Million dollar now in 2021. Felt app can be downloaded on various platforms and available on their own website.

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How does Felt app work?

Felt is an app that allows users to create and send handwritten cards and letters directly from their mobile device. Users can choose from a variety of card designs, including seasonal themes and special occasions, and then use their finger or stylus to write a personal message inside the card.

The app then prints the card, puts it in an envelope, adds a stamp, and mails it to the recipient. The app also allows users to save and store their favorite card designs and messages for future use.


The FELT app is a user-friendly app that can be used by any consumer in just three steps. Choose your card (with a photo that’s closest to your feelings), then put your heartfelt message in your own handwriting. The delivery address needs to be added and the rest of the thing app taken care of.

Your personal cards are mailed in 24 hours, with great care and quality as we print them with Indigo Printers on premium Mohawk paper and sealed in with our signature and custom-made Kraft envelopes to deliver them to your loved ones. Just as it would have come from your own self.

Felt App shark tank update


Felt app does have competitors on the fray and some of the key competitors are Greetabl, GiftRocket, and CleverCards to keep them on their toes.


  • Felt comes with a host of Card Drafts or Signatures one can save and reuse.
  • Import their contacts list from either their device or spreadsheets. Wish to have a handwritten address saved to the address book that’s also in.
  • Processed within 24 hours.
  • Can opt for future date delivery of your card and App will remember to deliver on the requested date and share reminders.
  • Not confident of your handwriting then the app allows you to use designer fonts, writing toolkit also to enhance the handwriting experience.

What is felt app worth?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Felt was valued at around $2.25 million. Felt has grown from a few employees to now a great strength of 40 + true enthusiasts. They love working remotely and meet occasionally for a sip or bite together but love their work put their heart into Felt – with great designs, very warm illustrations to make it truly special. With yearly revenues reaching $1.5 Million annually.

Felt has won Webby Award for the best user interface. “Just like an Oscar for internet companies,” says Felt.

Is Felt app still in business?

Felt has now expanded their ideas by enhancing the handwritten messages with a unique assortment of seasonal gift items to send you the best-personalized greeting car. Some of their key callouts are Card frames, holders, and seasonal tea and coffee. The gift inventory is being added regularly to enhance your experience.

Felt has commenced Framed Photos collection of solid wood frames which is a traditional but appealing style. Moments like Mother’s Day, Felt has been caring to include flowers along with your Felt cards on such occasions.

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What is Felt?

The Felt app allows a beautiful set of templates with pictures for every occasion and allows an awesome writing toolkit (to take your handwriting into scripted text) to send heartfelt messages.

Who founded Felt?

Tomer has been entrepreneurial from his early school days. He loves nature and moved into Telluride mountains and start Felt with his own investment of $100K.

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