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What Happened to Dirty Cookie After Shark Tank?


Bored of the traditional gifting options? Fret Not, because Dirty Cookie is here to amp up your gifting game.

Be it corporate gifting or showing off beautiful and cute cutlery in the festive season, Dirty Cookie ensures that you are way ahead of everyone with your beautiful and unique gifting options!!

Dirty Cookie at a Glance:-

IdeaCustomizable edible dessert gifts
FoundersShahira Marei
Asked For$500,000 for 5%
Accepted Deal$500,000 for 25% reduced to 15% upon hitting $5 million revenue in 2022
SharksRobert Herjavec
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 13, Episode 19
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What is Dirty Cookie?

Dirty Cookie, founded and owned by Shahira Marei is a startup that models and manufactures stuffed cookies and cookie shot glasses.

The cookie shot glasses are 3D-modelled with different designs for every festive season. They also do customizable cookies and shot glasses meant for corporate gifting.

The stuffed cookies of the company have flavors such as Nutella, Marshmellow, and more.

The shot glasses are baked in a specially designed mold and then lined with chocolate so that the cookie does not become soggy upon absorbing the liquid.

The shot glasses can contain any liquid like milk, Kahlua, and Bailey’s.

Founder Story:

Shahira, the owner of Dirty Cookie was a project manager at huge companies such as IBM and Boeing. She was a Boeing engineer for most of her adult life.

Yet, she left her full-time job to pursue her passion for cooking and baking. Being an engineer, she 3D modeled the cookie design, giving birth to Dirty Cookie.

Shahira also shares her product profits with education-focused Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs). This generosity stemmed from the impact that the Egyptian impoverished children had on her young heart.

With these proceeds going to NGOs, Shahira hopes to lift the education levels for children below the poverty line.

Did Dirty Cookie get a deal on Shark Tank?

Shahira entered the tank with her startup Dirty Cookie and asked for $500,000 for 5% equity.

She then pitches her cookies and cookie shot glasses in light of edible gifts and unique gifting items. She explains how she got inspired to make Dirty Cookie by a Pinterest post.

She then proceeds to talk about her sales, which were $300,000 in 2018, $345,000 in 2019and $1.27 million in 2020. She also introduced custom kits which profited the business highly and she projects sales of $2.6 million, earning $250,000.

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She claims her profit margins to be low due to the products being handmade. She wants to use Sharks’ money to automate her company and increase profits.

Mark drops out of the deal stating that the company is capital inefficient.

Daymond also drops out stating that the product cost is very high. Lori offers her a deal of $250,000 at 8% interest plus $250,000 cash for 25% of the business, while Robert offers her $500,000 for 30% which gets reduced to 15% once she hits $6 million in 2022.

After some negotiations, Robert came down to $500,000 for 25% reducible to 15% and Shahira accepted it.

What happened to Dirty Cookie after Shark Tank?

After its stint on Shark Tank, the company experienced a surge in demand and grabbed a lot of attention due to its unique style and design.

In June 2022, the company also appeared on the American Today Show. The company also launched a delivery facility in Anaheim, Hollywood, and Koreatown City via Grubhub and DoorDash to increase sales.

As of December 2023, the deal with Robert seems to have been null and void with no chances of reconciliation.

Thanks to the free promotional support through the show, the company did a partnership with Nuts’n More, also a Shark tank business. She was also featured on Good Morning America’s “Steals and Deals” on the day of Thanksgiving.

Product Details:

  • Dirty Cookie manufactures stuffed cookies and models cookie shot glasses.
  • The products can be used both for snacking or gifting purposes.
  • The company has introduced a range of customizable shot glasses as well.
  • The shot glasses can hold any type of liquid in them without breaking apart.
  • The products cost $35 for a half a dozen.

What’s the net worth of Dirty Cookie?

Dirty Cookie entered the tank with an estimated valuation of $10 million and left with a deal of $500,000 in exchange for 25% equity from Robert Herjavec, valuating the company to $2 million.

The owner claimed the company to have an estimated Net Worth of $10 million but official revenue data is yet to be confirmed.

Who are the competitors of Dirty Cookie?

  • Dirty Dough
  • Cupcakes and Kisses
  • Baking Betty’s
  • Giant Fortune Cookies
  • Country Cookie LLC

Is Dirty Cookie still in business?

Yes, Dirty Cookie has been in business since the year 2015 and is continuing its business even today.

The company has been working tirelessly to increase the number of products it produces to complete the demand loop of its customers.

Shahira’s business is off to a huge start, what’s left to see is the heights it touches now.

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What is Dirty Cookie?

Dirty Cookie is a startup that models and manufactures stuffed cookies and cookie shot glasses.

What's the net worth of Dirty Cookie?

The owner claimed the company to have an estimated Net Worth of $10 million but official revenue data is yet to be confirmed.

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