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Coconut Girl: What Happened After Shark Tank? [Updated]


Are you diet conscious and have a sweet tooth? Don’t worry here comes the coconut girl that offers you the best and most healthy product the cookie sandwiches!

At first sight, it may seem tempting but don’t need to worry you can eat this guilt-free as it’s PALEO FREE (free of any processed foods or grains), dairy-free, refined sugar-free (uses only natural sugars) gluten-free and uses safely caged eggs in all their products.

They have three mouthwatering flavors:

  • Aloha Chocolate,
  • Beach Bum Maple
  • Hang loose Vanilla

Coconut Girl at a glance:

  • A healthy alternative to Ice Cream.
  • Founder: Francheska Yamsuan
  • Asked For $180,000 for 18% at $1million valuation on Shark Tank.
  • Received $180,000 for 20% from Mark Cuban.


Who is the owner of Coconut Girl?

Let’s bite into the sweet but thought-provoking history of Coconut Girl !!! A history that changed the life of the founder to become a healthier and prosperous one! She was a person who used to believe that fat-free or sugar-free, processed foods were a healthier option but later realized she was so wrong says the founder Francheska Yamsuan herself.

It all started with a little sugar and spice that makes everything nice!  This made me realize my increasing waistline so I spent my early 20s with Cross Fit Gym where she used to do Cardio for 2-3 hours a day and followed a Paleo-free diet to keep myself fit.

Francheska created a dessert keeping the waist in line and your sweet tooth in mind! You can find the stores for Paleo Ice Cream sandwiches (Original Name) in Southern California, Southern Nevada, Hawaii, and Arizona.

Did Coconut Girl get a deal on Shark Tank Pitch?

Francheska came to the realization that businesses were taking out the sugar and fat and replacing it with chemicals then this food would not turn out to be called healthy.

When I was small, my mother used to juggle two jobs to support my family. I decided to take this wagon and sell the ice cream and later cookie sandwiches.

The first product developed was coconut ice cream and soon the hobby turned into a business.

Coconut girl is a delicious product that does not fall pity to your waistline but has many healthy substitutes. Francheska’s idea took shape and she decided to seek an investment of $180,000 in exchange for 18 % of the equity in Coconut girl with Shark Tank.

What is coconut girl worth?

The heart of any business is usually the financials so let’s dig deeper into the revenue model of Coconut Girl- as per the financials.

Employees- 6-10 across all their stores

Revenue – $300,000

For every unit of Coconut Girl Cookie Sandwich, the price is $5.49 /unit with a manufacturing cost of $1 in the future it will be 50 cents. This business for sure is bringing a great margin to the investors.

Coconut Girl has been growing with Steady revenues from an initial $60,000 in the first year. The next year saw $120,000. Expects $300,000 in sales by the end of the year 2020 post the Shark Tank deal.

coconut girl revenue
Revenue in $1000

What Happened to Coconut Girl After Shark Tank?

The founder of Coconut Girl presented her story with conviction and Mark Cuban immediately agreed and said “I offer you 180,000 and 25% of the company and don’t listen to the other sharks”. She was a little hesitant in her reply.

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Another Shark, Lori injected “I like the deal too. I am your customer!” and Mark Cuban interrupted quickly by saying “If she like her deal then I am out”.

The pitch was quite simple when the investor Mark Cuban decided to invest in the deal he asked her what she would do with the money, for that she said without a second hesitation “Manufacturing and sales and marketing I believe I can make the cost of product 50 cents “.  

Post a few Shark’s discussions and intervention, finally, the deal was offered by Mark Cuban with $180,000 and 20% of the company”

Currently, the business is making progress with its one and only investor Mark Cuban. The Shark Tank reviews and blog triggered the required marketing boost to the Coconut Girl company.

Coconut Girl products
Coconut Girl products

Investors in Coconut Girl:

  • Mark Cuban the richest investor of Shark Tank invested in Coconut Girl.
  • The MCC Mark Cuban Companies desires to find, train, and fund entrepreneurs and investments in various streams like Healthcare, Sports, Pictures, and almost more than 50+ Startups from Shark tank itself
  • Mark Cuban net worth is $4.2 Billion and not to forget he has acquired the Dallas Mavericks.

Investments made for COCONUT GIRL –

Investor NameInvestment TypeInvestmentStake %Valuation
Mark CubanAngel$180,00020%$900,000

Product Analysis:

It is now officially known that coconut girl does not have any competitors due to its unique selling proposition.

Did you know?

  • Francheska Yamsuan sought investment in Shark Tank more than once. She tried in 2018,2019 and finally got a chance in 2020 to be part of the show and deal.
  • The product designed was by accident, the dessert was generated due to the obsession of making date shakes and this may have been the alternative sugar source she was talking about, which she added to the ice cream with the help of an ice cream maker.
  • Three flavors to die for
    • Aloha chocolate
    • Beach bum maple
    • Hang loose vanilla
  • The founder started the business by selling coconut ice cream in her mom’s tricycle and then branched out with Cookie sandwiches and now apparel.

Is Coconut Girl still in business?

Coconut Girl with its unique product in the market and strong marketing has shown great prospects and been profitable post the Shark Tank Deal. Grown the business now 5 times from the inception of $60 K to now $300 K revenues in 2020.

Coconut Girl is here to stay – A healthy alternative to ice cream.

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What is Coconut Girl worth?

Coconut Girl was valued at $900,000 at the time of its Shark Tank pitch. In 2020 they are expecting their revenue at $300,000.

Who founded Coconut Girl?

Francheska Yamsuan created a dessert keeping the waist in line and your sweet tooth in mind named Coconut girl.

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