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What Happened to Raising Wild After Shark Tank?


Who does not love in sunny weather to enjoy the beach often and remain in their swimsuits, yes the kids do love them and adults?

Florida is no exception where everyone loves the sunny weather and their beaches also. This is possible only when your swimsuits are comfortable to wear and stay with them for long hours on the beach. The duo sisters Kara and Rachelle came up with the innovative idea of how to make your swimwear comfortable for kids and adults too. This was the birth of the company Raising Wild.

Raising Wild at a glance:

BUSINESS IDEASwim And Apparel Collection For Women And Kids
FOUNDERRachelle Hyde And Kara Haught
ASKED FOR$100,000 For 20%
ACCEPTED OFFER$100,000 For 50%
SHARKBarbara Corcoran
WEBSITERaising Wild


Who is the founder of Raising Wild?

Sisters Kara and Rachelle both grew up in Florida and as kids would remain in their swimsuits let it be with friends or siblings and even in our bed. The reason for having a swimsuit for kids which is comfortable and makes you feel confident led to the birth of Raising Wild. Same time they look stylish and adorable in their swimsuits.

Product to come up with Raising Wild which produces swimsuits that are “flattering and functional” as claimed by the sisters. Now the sisters have expanded their concept and design from kids to adults, adding apparel into their stock to allow comfy wearables for their customers.

Did Raising Wild get a deal on Shark Tank?

Kara and Shelly entered the shark tank episode to pitch for $100,000 at a 20% stake in their business.

You would have guessed the duo came up to the show with their three elder sisters on the show, to demonstrate their swimsuits called ‘h’, ‘r’ and ‘k’ style. The duo during the explanation was proud to explain they did lobster diving to rope swinging using their bathing suits. The bathing suits are comfortable and trendy and even allow mothers to breastfeed their babies.

When enquired on their sales they did make $130,000 which was not bad considering it was only from social media marketing. When the sharks quizzed on the future prospects of the business the answers were not crisp and factual which caused sharks to drill deeper to get a better understanding.

With the higher price tag and not enough planning for the future, most of the sharks were out. Except for Barbara who was left in the fray. She wanted to validate the interest of the sisters have and how passionate are about this business and is it long term. She asks them to share any experience to know they are in this for the long haul. They explain the case of their son with ADHD who had to be taught slowly and steadily for many years and now has been reading above average his grade levels. Barbara could relate this with her child on this aspect.

Barbara comes with a point to sell bathing suits below the $100 mark to make their reach bigger into the market as her condition. Barbara makes an offer of a 51% stake in the business, post few negotiations Barbara makes 50% as the final offer which the sisters agree and walk with a deal from the Shark tank episode.

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What happened to Raising Wild after Shark Tank?

While the episode Barbara had suggested the sisters name their suits on the family, which they did by having products names after their sisters, daughters, and nieces too. Post the episode they hit $400,000 sales in months. Their good quality products have been a real differentiator with support from Los Angeles clothing suppliers matching industry standards.

Barbara brought the required mentorship to the sister’s business and enable the duo to run it professionally and avoid impulsive decisions to have consistent outcomes.

Raising Wild was proud of its bathing suits quality, which was manufactured locally in the US in LA’s garment district which was known for its talent, quality materials, and facility to bring the best product for their customers. Their selling price of $138-$156 was at the higher-end compared to their peers at $60 in competition. However, their cost was only $38 which gave a large room for margins and profitability as a great story.

Barbara’s strategy to price down below the $100 range was a smart move to attract more customers even though the margins would come down. Valuation of Raising Wild has hit $25 Million over the years from inception.

Raising Wild started with Women Swimwear as their maiden product which had unique features like adjustable ties that cover the body well, and supports nursing mothers by their design.  The product is made from 100% Organic Cotton to provide comfort and softness on the skin.

Raising Wild has now expanded into Kids Wear, apparel also into product lines. Now available in the App store both for iPad and iPhone.

The company has a very strong online presence using its website also with a wide range of product options to the customers and can be viewed Raising Wild Swim & Apparel. The website provides product lines – Women’s Swim, Kids Swim, Mommy & Me, and Apparels.

What is raising wild net worth?

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Raising wild was valued at around $200,000. Valuation of Raising Wild has hit $25 Million over the years from its initial phase.

Raising Wild has now introduced gift tokens, a good return policy, additional product lines for the kids and women mums also. Are you ready to get into fashionable, fit swimwear, and apparel…with Raising Wild products?

Is raising wild swimwear still in business?

Raising Wild has been growing at a consistent pace, over the years and reached $25 million till now. The website is enhanced and with an app, also available to provide the much-needed expansion approach of product lines to customers.

With great new product introductions, high quality, and clear return policy it has increased customer confidence and loyalty towards the bathing suits and apparel. 

Interesting Facts about Raising Wild :

  1. Swimwear has adjustable ties, body coverage and supports nursing mothers also.
  2. Made from 100% organic cotton.
  3. Multiple payment Options – Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  4. Online options both on Website and App.
  5. Clear Return policy of 14 Days, when they meet 3 simple requirements –
  6. Unwashed
  7. Tags and Hygiene strip retained and as good as new
  8. Directly bought from

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What is Raising Wild?

The innovative idea of how to make your swimwear comfortable for kids and adults. The company produces swimsuits that are “flattering and functional”.

Who founded Raising Wild?

The sisters Kara and Rachelle are the founders of Raising Wild.

Did Raising Wild get a deal on shark tank?

Yes, Raising Wild get a deal with Barbara on the shark tank.

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