What Happened to Life Caps After Shark Tank?

A solution to a very big problem- people stranded in a natural calamity sometimes have to go days without food and that is where Life Caps kick in.

Life Caps contain all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to sustain human life. It is safe to use for children and adults of all age groups and does not contain any chemicals, all-natural. The founder tested it on himself and survived just on Life Caps and water for two weeks.

According to its founder, these self-attested survival supplements need to find a way to everyone for their survival, especially under a refuge situation and that’s what brought him to the sharks for guidance and investment.


Founder Story:

Daryl Stevenett is the founder of Life caps. He started his company in 2008. He got this amazing idea of making Life Caps from a Utah-trapped incident. When he was watching TV, he saw a telecast of Utah where miners were trapped underground for days and rescue teams were failing to supply food materials to these miners.

So, he decided to make a pocket-sized substance that will cut down the threatening situation of cut-off food supplies. He went to his friend Russ Bianchi, who is a product formulator and they gave birth to Life Caps Capsules. Daryl actually belongs to a musical background. He used to do shows and make music apart from this business.

How was the Life Caps Shark Tank Pitch?

Daryl felt that he needed an investor on board for marketing, distribution, clinic research, and development along with an investment of $200,000 for 30% shares in the business.

In season 5 episode 15, Daryl came on the show where he shared that he hadn’t eaten anything in the last 8 days as he was having only Life caps.

He gave a few samples to the sharks, Mark refused to take the pill as he is against any miracle pills especially related to diet. Mark went out for the same reason by calling Daryl’s product snake oil which means selling diet pills in the name of survival pills. Lori Greiner went out as Daryl didn’t hold any medical trials or proof of it.

Robert Herjevic completely agreed with Lori and Mark that it is an irresponsible product and turned himself down. Daymond went out for safety reasons. All the sharks were completely disappointed by the product and gave no offer. Daryl Stevenett went out without any deal.

What happened to Life Caps after the Shark Tank show?

On the show, there was no deal made, but Daryl didn’t let it affect him and he continued to sell it on Amazon. Amazon also held neutral reviews as few say it’s effective and others didn’t believe in it.

After the show, it came into existence that he had sold around $400,000 sales in the last 5 years without any test trials and measures. After the show, it was very difficult for him to sell the Life caps which itself didn’t hold any proof of its Life. It needed a tested and proven distribution network and all these were the biggest challenges for him.

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As of 2021, Amazon had removed the product from its website and its website is also down. Life Caps is completely out of business as per the research. Its manufacturing cost details will be updated soon. Naming rights have been acquired by REJ Diamond Pharmaceutical, which is part of the Philippine Company.

At present, it seems that Daryl is focusing completely on his musical skills, where he performs live music, plays guitar, performs cruise shows, and also writes jingles for Television and Radio.

How do they earn revenue?

The product didn’t hold a good history for sales or earning profit as they had popularly made $400,000 in their 5 initial working years, after which its sales fell down to zero.

Before that, Amazon was the platform from where Daryl used to earn an amount of revenue to run his business somehow but later, Amazon blacklisted the product. Currently, Life Caps is out of business.

Competitor analysis:

Life Caps are survival pills claimed by the founder, which actually hold a unique quality of eradicating hunger for days, similar to this there are a few other products in the market which are:-

  • Omega-3
  • Pure Nutrition
  • Wow Life
  • Murine Capsule and many more.

Above mentioned brands are not exact alternatives to Life Caps but have some features which make them their competitors in the market.

Is Life Caps dead?

Even after striking no deal on Shark Tank, Life Caps was available on Amazon and its own official website. On Amazon, Life Caps had many five-star reviews, with captions stating that the product was a good vitamin supplement but unfortunately, not a dietary supplement. There were also a few one-star reviews.

Due to no pharmaceutical evidence to support the efficacy of Life Caps, the dream of Daryl to include them in the supplement for Army officers was shattered. Amazon had removed the product and as of September 2021, Life Caps is no longer in business.

Interesting facts:

Few of the interesting about it :

  1. It made $400,000 in sales in 5 initial years without holding any approved tests.
  2. It does not hold FDA approval
  3. It was blacklisted by Amazon in 2021
  4. It can eradicate Hunger for days
  5. It holds both favorable and Unfavourable outcomes.

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Who founded Life Caps?

Daryl Stevenett is the founder of Life caps. He started his company in 2008. He got this amazing idea of making Life Caps from a Utah-trapped incident.

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