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Ice Age Meals Shark Tank Update


Ice Age Meals is a form of food diet that comes in cardboard that contains various healthy food items in frozen form.

They are ready to cook and serve food diets of various food items such as; frozen meats, frozen vegetables, frozen nuts, frozen seeds, frozen fruits, frozen starch, etc. All of the food diets are created and developed by “Nick Massie” alone. As each of their diets is prepared by Massie and arranged according to the batch size and tasted for its “refrigeration”.

If the food tastes nice after refrigeration then they start preparing it for mega productions. They claim that their meals are fat-free and gluten-free, and also consist of various essential nutrient substances that won’t be deprecated after their freezing.

Ice Age Meals at a glance

SeasonSeason-8, Episode-2.
Business IdeaFrozen-Healthy-Meals.
FoundersNick Massie.
Asked For$100,000 for 10% of equity.
Accepted DealNo Deal.
SharksNo Sharks.
Business StatusIn Business.


Founder Story:

Ice Age Meals is founded and developed by a young entrepreneur called “Nick Massie” who is cooking for the last 20 years (since she appeared in the show). Nick was a fitness enthusiast and a cook too, she found a common problem as peoples eat various unhealthy foods items that are too bad for their health also, they have no time to cook food therefore they started Ice Age Meals. After she started her business, she was able to sell over 5,000 meals a week.

Did Ice Age Meals get a deal on Shark Tank?

Ice Age Meals is introduced as a frozen form of healthy ready to cook meals in ABC’s famous reality show Shark Tank in Episode-2 of Season-8, by its founder “Nick Massie”.

Nick introduced Ice Age Meals as a frozen form of various healthy food diets that takes a very short time to be prepared and served. They deliver their pitch in a poetry form, in which they told about the idea behind their product and their motive for preparing frozen food items. Nick also gives their samples to the Sharks and asked for an investment of $1 Million in exchange for 10% of their company.

Sharks love their product and the way He represents their pitch but they want to know a few more about them, Sharks asked for their sales figures and their profit margins, and they told that they can make $1.5 Million in sales a year before the show. Also, the cost of manufacturing each unit is approximately $3 they are sold at $10 each.

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Sharks like their sales and profit margin but they can’t find their business valuation as much up to $10 Million. Sharks also asked for their $10 Million valuations as they can’t answer them about that and told them “they have to believe in them” that statement doesn’t satisfy any sharks therefore all sharks backed them and they left without any deal. 

What Happened to Ice Age Meals after Shark Tank?

After the show it receive a major hike in its sales as they can make over $100,000 in sales in just a few hours after the show is telecasted on TV, also, they made over $1 Million in sales in just a month after that. They increase their production capacity and buy various other production areas to meet their demand.

They become a major player in the frozen foods area. In the year 2016, they collaborated and partnered with CrossFit and started operating Paleo Nick Foods to introduce their business around the country. Nick was later been interviewed about their appearance on the show and their progress and their business and their business idea too. As of the year 2022, they are still in business and can generate approximately $3 Million to $4 Million as revenue.

Competitors of Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals is one of its kind of foods and beverages company but they also have to face various competitions to get into the market. Few of their competitors are as follows;-

  • Gourmet;
  • BistroMD;
  • Magic Kitchen;
  • Diet-to-go-Meal, etc.

Net Worth of Ice Age Meals

At the time of the show, they were valued at $1 million as per the founders. The net worth of Ice Age Meals in the year 2022, is valued at approximately $5 Million and their revenue in the last year is $3,938,000, company has over 25 employees. Their revenue is increased up to 3 times when they appear in the show as they are listed on various stock exchanges of the country and generate a satisfactory revenue for its investors and the company itself too.

Is Ice Age Meals still in Business?

The company is still in business as its valuation is touched the $5 Million milestones also they are generating over $3 to $4 Million in revenue. Currently, they plan to expand their business in various other regions of the country as well as outside the world.

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What is Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals is a form of food diet that comes in cardboard that contains various healthy food items in frozen form.

Who founded Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals is founded and developed by a young entrepreneur called “Nick Massie” who is cooking for the last 20 years (since she appeared in the show).

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