How these Silicon Valley educational Institutions are changing the way of learning?

Silicon Valley (regions of San Jose and San Francisco, USA) is always known for its innovative startups and products but apart from these, many innovative institutes are impacting the way people learn.

During my visit to Silicon Valley, I visited several educational institutes like Stanford University, University of California(Berkeley), North Eastern University, Draper University, 42 Coding School, etc.

Although it was a learning experience by visiting all of these top-class institutions, but I got really impressed by some of the institutes which have adopted a new way of learning. I want to mention some of them and how they are different from the traditional institutes.

42 Coding School:

This is the place I loved the most as a coding enthusiast and also because of its amazing working culture.

At 42 Coding School, firstly there is no prerequisite on your educational background to take admission, the only requirement is that you have to be more than 18 years of age.

Secondly, there is no professor or teacher to train you how to code, it’s fully based on peer-to-peer-based learning and of course Google!

42 coding School Logo-bizzbucket

I was really amazed by talking to a person who was previously worked as a driver and had no prior experience in coding and soon after 8–9 months of training at 42 Coding School, he himself coded and developed an amazing virtual reality game.

So, by walking around at 42 Coding School, one will find a bunch of inspiring stories and projects.

Finally, this is what their workplace looks like, I have never seen this number of Macbooks in one place in my life 🙂

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Draper University:

Draper University is an amazing place for a startup enthusiast. It aims to teach entrepreneurship to its students. Their workplace, classes, and meeting halls hold an amazing ambiance.

One will get an idea of university culture by looking at some of the pictures in the post below. As soon as you enter you will see your favorite superheroes pictures on your front wall all around.

Draper university entrance
You will also be shocked when you will see their receptionist sitting in a Tesla car!
and this is how they held their meeting in the pool 🙂

 It is a fun experience to work as a startup there and also has the guidance of Mr. Tim Draper(Founder) who himself is a venture capital investor, entrepreneur, and author of the book, The Startup Hero.

 As a surprise, I also received a copy of The Startup Hero from its author himself!

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