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What Happened to EnergyBits After Shark Tank?


EnergyBits are introduced as algae-based nutritional supplements researched and developed by Catharine Arnston. These are made into tablets form and can be chewable and ingestible algae tablets.

EnergyBits claims these are organic, eco-friendly, natural, and free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) having 40 nutrients, 64% of protein, sustainable sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, caffeine-free tablets.

Energybits at a glance.

Episode No.Season-8, Episode-9
Founder.Catharine Arnston
Business Idea.Algae-based food supplements.
Asked For.$500,000 for 5% of equity.
Accepted Deal.No Deal.
Sharks.No Sharks.
Business Status.In Business.


Founder Story:

Energybits was found and developed by Mrs. Catharine Arnston. The idea to develop algae-based nutritional supplements came from her sister’s health diseases. Her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised to take alkaline-based diets. Catharine found that a rich source of alkaline was found in the algae plants that are also very rich in nutritional values of the world and have been used in Asia for decades.

She researched it and found that it contains 64% protein, along with 40 nutrients also approved by NASA and UN as the most nutritious food in the world. They introduced her to two products named as 1. EnergyBits and 2. Recovery Bits into the Shark-Tank.

  • “EnergyBits” is introduced as an energy supplement that is NON-GMO organic fuel food based on Berlina and Algae that satisfies hunger and improves your focus and increases your energy level. It contains 40 nutrients, 64% of protein, sustainable and sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free tablets.
  • “RecoveryBits” are another product from Catharine that was introduced as recovery fuel immune builder, contains Chlorella and Algae that reduces muscle pain, speeds recovery from injury surgery and prevents cold supports anti-aging and removes toxins. Additionally, it contains electrolytes and contains other things same as EnergyBits.

Did Energybits get a deal on Shark-Tank?

The founder tries to pitch the deal but they can’t get a deal because they asked for $500,000 for 5% equity in her Business. They give the sample of their products to all sharks and explain about her product line, all of the sharks disliked the taste of the product but they found the product useful, they sell a bag of 1,000 tablets that they sold at $115, based on her past six years’ performance she is able to get a sale of $1.8 Million.

 She valued her Business at $10 Million. The sharks are interested in his business and want to invest, but the valuation of the company is far more, sharks try to give them a counter offer but Catharine didn’t accept it.  As they represent his business as far more valuation as it’s not actually.

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Sharks found that Catherine overvalued their company’s valuation and backed himself and they all dropped out and She left without a deal.

What happened to Energybits after Shark-Tank?

The company continues its operation in the health sector and maintains its website’s traffic as by posing Health Blogs they sell their supplement throughout the country as the Show, gives him better popularity.

  • Before Shark-Tank shows the company generates $1.8 M in sales by selling their products online for over six years.
  • It generates $300,000 in sales before the show.
  • It sold a bag of 1000 tablets at $115 that cost $40 to manufacture.
  • Revenue of the company increased to $4 Million after the show.
  • Further the company introduced two more segments of their algae products named as 1. VitalityBits and 2. BeautyBits.

Competitors of Energybits:

EnergyBits competitors include IQ Formulations and Earthrise Nutritionals.

  1. IQ Formulations: – It is the most highly and quickly growing health and nutritional supplements company in the US. Its Headquarters is in South Florida.
  2. Earthrise Nutritional’s: – It has been the leader of nutritional supplements brands since 1976. It currently distributes in over 20 countries. Its Headquarters is in California.

The following table shows the difference between employees and the revenue of different companies.

Company.No of Employees.Revenue.
EnergyBits22 to 25Approx. $5 Million.
IQ Formulations.31 to 33Approx. $16 Million.
Earthrise Nutritionals.100 to 106Approx. $18 Million.

Net-Worth of Energybits:

In 2013 when EnegyBits was introduced in Shark-Tank it receives a massive hike in sales and receives over $1 Million in a few years. As per the founder Energybits was valued at around $10 million at that time. Before Shark-Tank company can generate $1.8 Million of sales in just 6 years and the valuation of the company increased by it.

After that company introduces its 2 new product segments for Beauty and Vitality. Today EnergyBits can make revenue of over $4 Million at the end of November-21.

Is Energybits still in Business?

After Shark-Tank EnergybBits can perform well for a few years as peoples are curious about the product and want to try it. The segment of the product that is very demanding creates a hike for the product. But after the time company loses its customers because the product is not performing very well in the market as they also have huge competition with their competitors.

The company somehow manages to survive in the market and introduces products that are related to beauty and Vitality segments that how they service into the market. Today EnergyBits is still in the business and performing well.

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What is EnergyBits?

EnergyBits are introduced as algae-based nutritional supplements researched.

Who founded EnergyBits?

Energybits was found and developed by Mrs. Catharine Arnston. The idea to develop algae-based nutritional supplements came from her sister’s health diseases.

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