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What Happened to Baby Toon After Shark Tank?


Baby Toon is introduced as a baby spoon cum toy used as a feeding toy for babies. This is founded and developed by a 10 years old young entrepreneur Cassidy Crowley, from Hawaii along with her mom Mrs. Lori Crowley.

They created Baby Toon to eliminate the long and sharp design of traditional spoons, its rectangular body makes it easier to hold them by babies with their hands.

It’s made up of 100% soft silicone and doesn’t have any sharp edges which are gentle on babies gums. They also introduced a “pacifier clip” along with Baby Toon to stop babies from throwing spoons on their feet. Pacifier clip attached with Baby Toon and baby’s shirt to hold them.

Baby Toon is manufactured in the USA and it’s developed by Cassidy. When entered a local science fair in Hawaii when she was of 7 years and makes a prototype sample after that they created a final product and introduced it into the market.

Baby Toon at a glance

Episode NoSeason-11, Episode-1
Business IdeaSilicon-baby-spoon-cum-toy
FounderCassidy Crowley and Lori Crowley
Asked For$50,000 for 50% of the equity
Accepted Deal$50,000 for 50% of the equity
SharksLori Greiner
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteBaby Toon


Founder Story:

Baby Toon was founded and developed by Cassidy Crowley when she was of 7 years and in grade-1 at that time. They introduced its product in the Shark Tank show when she was 10 years old. They invented this product when they found that her mother is worried about their young sisters when she feed them with regular spoons. Her mother is worried about they can’t harm her sister’s gums.

They started finding a solution to that and invented Baby Toon. She started selling it to different regions in Hawaii and USA. The idea and product are very useful for babies and the product quality is also very good.

Currently, they are manufacturing and selling it on a large scale in the country and Baby Toon is available on Amazon, Munchkin’s website, and various retailers. Cassidy is a graduate now and a successful entrepreneur in their age group and running their business very well.

Did Baby Toon get a deal on Shark Tank?

Cassidy introduced her product in the show as a silicon-based toy spoon and explains her product’s features and specifications to sharks. They give their samples to each shark, Sharks found the product interesting and useful to babies also they get very impressed with this cute little entrepreneur, They also explain about their sales that since September-18, they have had $5,000 in sales. 

It costs them $6.60 to manufacture it. They sold them at $15 at that time. They asked for $50,000 for 50% of their company, at a valuation of $100,000, All sharks got impressed with them but they can’t make an offer to them by telling them that this is not his business area.

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All sharks backed them except Lori Greiner who makes an offer of $50,000 at 50% of the company. As she wants to appreciate Cassidy to grow up her business. Cassidy accepts her offer and they got a deal on the show.

What happened to Baby Toon after Shark Tank?

After the show, she becomes a young little superstar overnight peoples wants to try their products and is inspired by Cassidy’s pitch that she delivered in the show. Baby Toon receives a huge demand for their product and they started selling and distributing it in various parts of the USA and Hawaii both. She started manufacturing in the USA as in Hawaii there is no good molding facility available.

They collaborated with ‘Extreme Moulding’ in Albany”- New York. That makes silicon molds as per FDA standards. Cassidy committed to donating $1000 of her profit to Kapi’-O lani Medical Centre (where Cassidy was born).

They also make a licensing deal with a popular baby brand “Munchkin” and listed her products on their website in late 2020. They started selling their products on Amazon, Munchkin’s website, and other retail stores.

Net Worth of Baby Toon:

At the time of the shark tank appearance, Baby Toon was valued at around $100,000. Baby Toon receives huge success after the show and was running its operations for a very long time, today the company is financially very sound and one of the top toy companies in Hawaii.

  • The net worth of the company as of November 2021 is approx. $1 Million.
  • Its valuation is increased by $100,000 to $1 Million (10 times) since they are operating.
  • They are able to secure a safe profit margin of 50% of their sales.

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Baby Toon has experienced significant growth and has expanded their product line to include other baby essentials. They have also partnered with major retailers and have garnered a loyal following of parents who swear by their products.

Is Baby Toon still in Business? 

Baby Toon is still in business as it collaborated, made various licensing deals with top toy companies and E-Commerce sites, and listed her products there.

Currently, they distribute all over the country and are a popular baby toy brand. Its valuation increased almost 10 times from the point business got started.

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What is Baby Toon?

Baby Toon is introduced as a baby spoon cum toy used as a feeding toy for babies.

Who founded Baby Toon?

Baby Toon is founded and developed by a 10 years old young entrepreneur Cassidy Crowley, from Hawaii along with her mom Mrs. Lori Crowley.

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