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What Happend to Snow In Seconds After Shark Tank?


Imagine having access to snow that never melts, feels chillingly real to the touch, and stays pristine for as long as you need it. Enter Snow in Seconds, the ultimate solution trusted by ski resorts, photographers, and movie makers alike to effortlessly create lifelike snowscapes.

Gone are the days of cumbersome setups and messy clean-ups. With Snow in Seconds, you can bring the magic of high-tech snow powder used by industry professionals right into your own home, without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re transforming your backyard into a winter wonderland for a photo shoot, setting the stage for a movie scene, or simply craving the sensation of crisp snow under your fingertips, Snow in Seconds delivers unparalleled realism and convenience.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional snow-making methods and hello to a world where creating stunning snow effects is as easy as sprinkle, spray, and enjoy. Experience the difference with Snow in Seconds – because when it comes to bringing your imagination to life, every detail matters.

Snow In Seconds at a Glance:-

IdeaSnow In Seconds
FoundersJonathan Dusing
Asked For$50,000 for 10% equity
Accepted Deal$50,000 for 33.3% equity
SharksBarbara Corcoran
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 15, Episode 8
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Founder Story:

A 2004 graduate of Arizona State University, Jonathan Dusing has always been an adventure seeker, which propelled him to the position of President at Arizona State University AIGA throughout his collegiate career. He co-founded FanMaker in 2007 because he was passionate about creating and utilizing cutting-edge techniques.

This platform specializes in building websites and loyalty apps just for collegiate and professional sports clubs. Digital systems known as loyalty apps and websites are used to interact with and reward fans, creating a bond and sense of loyalty to the teams they cheer for.

In 2008, Jonathan Dusing co-founded Snow in Seconds driven by his insatiable curiosity for innovation. This fake snow has become a standard in many industries and is frequently used, especially during the holidays for festive décor and kid-friendly entertainment.

It is frequently utilized in plays, movies, and other performing arts, where the impact and variety of its avant-garde design are best illustrated by realistic props.

Did Snow In Seconds get a deal on Shark Tank?

Snow in Seconds CEO and co-founder Jonathan Dusing seems to have cracked the code. He made a pitch for his startup, which aims to “bring the magic of snow indoors,” on Friday’s ABC show. The substance used to generate “fake snow” is sodium polyacrylate, which, when combined with water, expands more than ten times its original size.

He said that for the previous fifteen years, Dusing has been running Fanmaker, a bigger sports technology company, in addition to managing the little business. Snow in Seconds is sold in bulk for movie sets and large events, but it is also available on Amazon and the company’s website, according to Dusing.

Dusing asked for $50,000 in return for ten percent of his company’s equity, intending to use the money and guidance to enhance retail distribution. Several investors stated that the company’s earnings and sales were respectable. Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner all withdrew right away.

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Despite having some doubts, Barbara Corcoran chose to proceed with her offer of $50,000 for a third of the business.
Corcoran refused to budge when Dusing tried to cut her portion to 25%.

Dusing eventually agreed to her offer, much to O’Leary’s dismay.
O’Leary was cited as adding, “Jon, the fact that you got a deal is a Christmas miracle.”

What happened to Snow in Seconds after Shark Tank?

Snow in Seconds has experienced a significant surge in sales, new clientele, and attention since appearing on Shark Tank. The product’s increasing appeal can be attributed to its non-toxic qualities, rendering it appropriate for kids, animals, and vegetation. Its temperature may also be easily adjusted, giving it more versatility—adding colder water makes the snow colder.

Because of its adaptability and dedication to safety, Snow in Seconds has become a household name throughout the world, appealing to a wide range of customers who are searching for an environmentally safe, trustworthy, and user-friendly artificial snow solution.

Snow in Seconds is dedicated to giving its clients a warm and engaging experience. The company’s website includes a special “Santa” section with a person dressed as Santa Claus instructing users on how to use and prepare different amounts of their product.

In addition to artificial snow, the company offers other products including snow and cloud slime, which increases customer satisfaction and creative options.

What’s the net worth of Snow in Seconds?

At the time of Shark Tank, the founders valued the company at $500,000 but later Sharks brought their valuation to $150,000. The company’s sales and recognition surged significantly as a result of its Shark Tank appearance, increasing its net value.

Is Snow in Seconds still in business?

Yes, Snow in Seconds is still operating today, having proudly set up shop in Minnesota and enjoying a long and illustrious history in a region renowned for its wintry scenery.

Over the years, the family-run business has expanded and now offers many families around the nation the ideal winter getaway.

Not only is Snow in Seconds a family favorite, but it has also been used on television shows and movies sets, including the well-known “Hawaii Five-O” and twice on HGTV’s “Extreme Home Makeover.”

Its adaptability and lifelike appearance have captivated the interest of both producers and viewers.

In summary, Snow in Seconds has advanced significantly since its Shark Tank debut. Snow in Seconds has an excellent product, satisfied customers, and a well-defined future plan, which puts it in a good position to maintain its ice ascent in the instant snow market.

Snow in Seconds is a Shark Tank success story that never fails to enthrall and motivate, whether it be via product development, community involvement, or overcoming obstacles in the industry.

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What is Snow In Seconds?

Snow in Seconds offers long-lasting, non-melting snow that feels remarkably realistic to the touch. Trusted by ski resorts, photographers, and filmmakers alike, it’s the go-to choice for creating lifelike snowscapes effortlessly. With Snow in Seconds, you can easily bring the high-tech powder used by industry professionals into your home at an affordable price.

What's the net worth of Snow In Seconds?

At the time of Shark Tank, the founders valued the company at $500,000 but later Sharks brought their valuation to $150,000.

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