Skinny shirt Shark Tank Update

Do you love layered clothing but have no idea what a great undershirt would look like? Are you a fashion freak and want to try out layering but are afraid that it might look bulky?

Well, worry not, because Skinny Shirt is here to solve your problem and help you gain a stylish yet comfy layered look that is pleasant to wear and look at.

Skinny shirt at a glance :

IdeaProduction of specially designed sleeveless collared shirts.
FoundersJulie Kalimian
Asked For$100,000 for 20%
Accepted DealNo deal
SharksNo shark
Business statusOut of Business
Episode No.Season 6, Episode 11


What is Skinny shirt?

The Skinny shirt is a dream article of clothing to own for those who love layered looks. It is an article that keeps the layered look minimal yet fashionable, without fearing the ill-fitting concept.

A Skinny shirt is simply a shirt with a collar that does not have the full button-down shirt. This shirt is meant to be worn underneath coats, jumpers, and other blouses to give the illusion of wearing a full-collared shirt. The shirt is available in different looks, like sleek, and slender, and is available in a wide range of sizes.

Founder Story:

Julie Kalimian, the founder of Skinny Shirt used to previously work for a multinational company. She liked to wear trendy and stylish fashions. But being a mother, she had a fairly hard time pulling off stylish looks, so she started exploring her new ideal look, button-down shirts, and sweater.

She sought out a blouse with a collar of flexible quality, one that would be prone to wrinkles and mess. This was when she found a gap in the marketplace.

As a result, Julie came up with the idea of Skinny shirt. She created the Skinny shirt, a mix of a button-down shirt and a camisole that could decrease crumples and wrinkles for users.

Did Skinny Shirt get a deal on Shark Tank?

Kalimian entered the tank with a slant deal of $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the company.

Her pitch was a really bumpy one and was almost uncomfortable to watch as Julie quickly lost confidence and kept stuttering on the main topics like cash flow and the problem in manufacturing products of the company.

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All the sharks were pretty unimpressed by the pitch put forward and couldn’t help but reproach both the pitch and the lack of reality in the idea proposed. Hence, Skinny Shirt failed to secure any deals from Shark Tank.

What happened to Skinny Shirt after Shark Tank?

A year after appearing on Shark Tank, it was reported that the sales of Skinny Shirt had increased ten folds. With the help of proper marketing and partnerships with QVC, the Grommet, and many more retail shops, Skinny Shirt started climbing ladders of success very quickly.

But, it seems like the popularity and growth did not last long as the website no longer exists and all the social media pages of the company have been inactive since the start of 2018.

Product Details :

  • Skinny Shirt produces sleeveless collared shirts that are mainly used for layering clothes.
  • The shirts possess the ability to remain wrinkle-free even during rough conditions.
  • It can be easily used as professional wear along with blazers, jackets, or sweaters.
  • It contains a whole new concept of undershirt design within layered clothes while making it look less bulky and properly fitted.

What is the Net worth of Skinny shirt?

Following the episode on Shark Tank, Skinny Shirt was performing quite well in the marketplaces and was being promoted by various big names in the industry along with huge displays in various retail stores.

At the time of Shark Tank’s appearance, they were valued at around $500,000 as per the founders. Even so, the company shut down abruptly, with no prior explanation. Hence, the net worth of Skinny Shirt as of 2023 cannot be undermined.

Who are the competitors of Skinny Shirt?

Skinny Shirt has a lot of competitors in the clothing space as it is a very commercialized and cluttered market. Some of the main competitors are Collected Threads Inc., Red Hat Clothing, Snatchedby8, Fnly X Social, and many more.

Is Skinny shirt still in business?

No, Skinny Shirt is no longer in business and has shut it’s working down from early 2018’s. It had sound sales and worth but has now drowned due to unexplainable circumstances.

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What is Skinny shirt?

A Skinny shirt is simply a shirt with a collar that does not have the full button-down shirt.

What's the net worth of Skinny shirt ?

At the time of Shark Tank’s appearance, they were valued at around $500,000 as per the founders. The net worth of Skinny Shirt cannot be calculated as it is now out of business.

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