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Round 21 Shark Tank Update


Who doesn’t love sports? Can you imagine that sports products like Ping Pong paddles, basketball, or even soccer ball can have an artistic touch? Now you can, thanks to Round 21 by Jasmine Maietta. Jasmine’s love for sports was eminent from her early college days, which led her passion to build her company, Round21. After spending a decade with athletes, sports entrepreneurs, and artists, her dream came into the business.

Round21 connects the sports fans, athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs all in one pot” as well said by Jasmine – ‘All Hours, All ours’. Let’s find out how this story began, and if it got the nod from Sharks.

Round21 at a glance.

Business ideaSports items are customized in an artistic manner.
FounderJasmine Maietta
Asked for$250,000 for 3%
Accepted deal$250,000 for 10% and $1.5 Royalty per unit on NFT.
SharksKevin O’Leary
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 13, Episode 17
WebsiteRound 21
Buy on AmazonBuy Now!
Round 21 at a glance


Founder Story:

Jasmine Maietta, being an athlete herself, her love for basketball immense. From her college, she went on to join the elite Spanish league – Club Baloncesto de Tres Cantos, both as a player and coach. Jasmine went out to work with Reebok, Under Armor, and Hasbro and did very well to grow into an executive role.

Jasmine was able to successfully craft her company, merging sports and arts together by bringing together both into a creative sports enterprise that gives the best of both worlds. Her sports lifestyle brand is a unique creation and is now popular and trending with many tech-savvy options.

Did Round21  get a deal on shark tank?

Jasmine makes a pitch for $250,000 for 3% of her company. She has grown up while not only playing sports like football and basketball at varsity levels but also having a decade of experience with the giants in the sports industry like Reebok, Under Armor, etc. Once the design of the samples is shown the Sharks are keen to know more.

Her strong connection between her marketing and branding experience led to her creation of Round21, after which she explains the merging of artists and athletes. She explains the strong physical chain of sports products clubbed with the digitalization of the design under NFT.

Her model involves shares for both the artists and athletes with artists getting an upfront fee or 10% per unit sold of theirs. Her collaboration with various companies like NFL, NHL, and NBA was an impressive list to enable the right composition of marketing and branding with unique designs.

Her current sales of $354,000 of physical goods with $20,000 NFT was a good start. In 2021, it was to reach the half-million mark. A no-profit company makes the sharks doubtful, so Lori, Robert, and Daymond go out. Mark is the right investor with his own team and could correlate with the response that Jasmine has also got a pipeline of Major orders from sports retailers but can’t seem to think the company will work, so he goes out.

Kevin was then the man for the deal, he already owns and was big on NFT space. He had the knowledge and strategy to grow her business as he was going to put a lot of work into it. Kevin makes an offer of $250,000 for 15% equity, which Jasmine politely counteroffers with 5%. Kevin is keen to get into this business and makes an Offer for 11% equity, Kevin insists she take the deal but she has to think it through.

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Jasmine makes Royalty offers on NFT, which interests Kevin more and he offers $250,000 for 10% plus 1.5% of NFT per unit. Jasmine takes a long pause and then finally seals the deal.

What happened to Round21 after shark tank?

The Shark Tank episode gave the exact push Round 21 needed as its orders sky-rocketed immediately. The deal with Kevin was still in the making. But Round21 is doing well with its own website Art as Sport – round21, Amazon and is in multiple retail sports stores.

Round21 products were unique designs and with a strong network of Companies, athletes Tom Brady, Derrick Henry, Russell Wilson, and artists collaborating did a great deal for both. The best part of the business was the access to the Metaverse platform, whereby sports lovers can enjoy the thrill of real-life games. As of now, the deal was not closed with Kevin. Will update you more on it, as we receive an update from their side.

Product details:

  • Round21 products are designed by renowned artists who provide unique designs while getting upfront fees.
  • Round 21 products range through all sports items.
  • Unique collections and collaborations with WNPBA, NBALAB, USWNT, NFLPA, RKL, etc. as well as Artists like Nina Palomba, Ju Schnee, Blake Jamieson, Lola Blu, and many more can be found.
  • Select Pass membership provides much-needed creative world access.  
  • Can be accessed online at, Art as Sport – round21
  • Bulk Discounts of more than 24 products for sales.
  • Allows customization as their key principle.
  • Corporate gifting options are also available.

Competitors of Round21

Some competitors of Round21 are-

  • AB Hoops
  • Probetter LLC.
  • Unique Sports
  • American Super Sports
  • Game Tables Online

What is the net worth of Round21?

The business valuation is around $2.5 million at the time of Shark Tank’s appearance, and as of now, the deal was not closed with Kevin.

Is Round21 still in business?

Yes, Round21 is doing great business and expanding its network of Artists, Partners, and brands. It is doing well with Soccer and Football priced at $59 and basketball at $150 branded designs. Not only sports goods but now moved into apparel also with their unique customizations and with the digital enablement of NFTs to protect their designs.

Jasmine has made a unique win-win formula for both the artists and athletes to collaborate and earn with their customization designs, includes now corporate gifting options. Jasmine’s Round 21 digital and physical fusion business has been a remarkable vision to strive upon even in the future.

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What is Round 21?

With Round 21 sports items are customized in an artistic manner. Jasmine was able to successfully craft her company, merging sports and arts together by bringing together both into a creative sports enterprise that gives the best of both worlds.

What's the net worth of Round 21?

The business valuation is around $2.5 million at the time of Shark Tank’s appearance, and as of now, the deal was not closed with Kevin.

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