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Action Plan: Social Entrepreneurship challenge by IIT Bombay (Register Now!)


Abhyuday, the social body of IIT Bombay aims at sensitizing the youth about social issues and creates a sense of social consciousness in them.

What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change. With prime minister Narendra Modi stating that Social Entrepreneurship is the key to speeding up our Amrit Kaal journey on the occasion of India@75, it has become even more clear that social impact activities are the need of the hour. As a part of their efforts to promote Social Entrepreneurship among the youth of India, they organize an Action Plan Competition, a 4-month long Social Entrepreneurship Competition which fosters young minds of the nation to identify grass root level problems and design a sustainable solution model for them. This nationwide competition takes participating teams through multiple stages, starting from identifying a problem through stakeholder interaction, progressing to engaging with stakeholders and organizations in developing a solution on the models outlined to validating these ideas in society for further improvement.

Since its launch in 2012, Action Plan has witnessed tremendous growth in previous years. Action Plan is set to be India’s largest growing social Entrepreneurship Competition.

Abhyuday started 9 years back with a group of socially inclined students who felt the need for a body that provides opportunities to the institute’s students who wish to work for a better society.

Abhyuday 2022-23 brings to you “Action Plan: The Social Entrepreneurship Competition of Abhyuday, IIT Bombay” to help such start-ups convert their idea into a scalable business models.

It revolves around the “3 I’s mantra: Ideate – Innovate – Implement.”

Action plan is a 4-month long competition which happens in three stages.

The registration started on the 3rd of October and will end by the 1st of November. After that 20% of teams will be selected in the second stage. Healthcare, education, Finance and Technology, rural development, women empowerment, and sustainability are the six tracks in which members are registered for the competition.

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This year’s Action plan is scaling up with prizes worth Rs 20 lakhs, mentorship, funding opportunities, incubation opportunities, networking opportunities, start-up services, media coverage, and many more incentives.

Action Plan is one of the most popular and Asia’s fastest-growing Social

Entrepreneurship challenges held by Abhyuday, The Social Body of IIT Bombay. The competition, which was incepted 10 years ago, has grown from 50 teams competing for a mere Rs 10,000 to a competition that now sees over 1000 entries competing for prizes worth Rs 20 Lakhs at stake with excellent incubation, networking and funding.

The main aim is to help you realize that your idea, no matter how big or small, holds the power to become the next big thing in the market that would create a real impact on society.


To know more about Abhyuday follow us on Instagram:  iitbombay_abhyuday

Participation deadline: 1st November

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