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Do you love cheese and still cannot have it because you are lactose intolerant or simply a health freak that cannot afford to gain pounds due to the guilty pleasure of eating cheese?

Whatever your reason for not having cheese may be, Just the Cheese is here to solve any and every single one of those.

Just the Cheese brings you a range of Gluten-free and low on carbs cheese that will give you the same comfort of having cheese but without the worry of health issues.

Just the Cheese at a Glance:

IdeaCreated cheese that is low on carbs and gluten-free.
FoundersDavid Scharfman
Asked For$500,000 for 5%
Accepted DealNo deal
Business statusIn Business
Episode No.Season 20, Episode 19


What is Just the Cheese?

Just the Cheese is a company that aims at providing the comfort space of cheese along with keeping in mind the health issues it creates and solving it using their cheese crackers which are low on carbs, gluten-free, and contain a very low amount of sodium, and high-saturated fats.

Just the Cheese makes cheese that preserves the goodness of cheese and its healthy nutrients like calcium and protein while eliminating those components that can cause long-term health hazards.

Founder Story:

The founder of Just the Cheese, David hails from Wisconsin-Madison and has a political science degree along with finance and general management from a B-school.

After his degree, he headed a family-owned business, Speciality Cheese Company, in Guangdong, China.

In 2012, he decided to remake the product of his father’s company under the name of “Just the Cheese”, but the business went haywire and David moved to another city.

In 2017, David and his wife bought baked cheese. After tasting it, they knew at once that there is a huge market gap in this space and their product tasted way better than those selling currently.

David convinced his father to start producing the same product once again and he agreed, thus creating “Just the Cheese”.

Did Just the Cheese get a deal on Shark Tank?

David Scharfman entered the Tank with his company Just the Cheese and a demand of $500,000 for 5% equity, valuing the company to $10 million. He pitched his product brilliantly in front of the sharks and handed out samples to be tasted.

The sharks were shocked to find out that there were only 75 calories in each pack of the snack. One of the Sharks, Lori claimed to have purchased it previously from Amazon.

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Though the pitch impressed all the sharks yet they had issues regarding the competitiveness in the market, to which David claimed to have a revenue of $3.7 million despite the growing competition.

After a lot of discussions, Sharks Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Griener displayed interest in investment but the founder could not strike a deal due to the difference in the valuation asks.

What happened to Just the Cheese after Shark Tank?

The company could not secure a deal on the show yet it gained a lot of eyes from the show. The company got featured in a number of editorials such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Food Network, Today, and many more.

Today Just the Cheese is going strong with them being available in all 7/11 locations across the U.S. and 700 retail stores including Target, and Walmart, and online on Amazon and their own website.

The company has an annual sale of around $7 million and is constantly showing immense growth.

Product Details:

  • Just the Cheese makes cheese that is gluten-free and low on carbs.
  • They make keto-friendly bars of cheese made entirely out of shredded cheese.
  • The company has made available both bars and bite-sized versions of cheese.
  • The cheese is available in 5 flavors: White Cheddar, Wisconsin Cheddar, Grilled Cheese, Garlic and Chive, and Jalapeno.
  • The product is available in a number of stores as well as online stores.

What is the Net Worth of Just the Cheese?

Before and during filming the revenue that the company generated was around $3.7 million and the company was valued at around $10 million.

After the episode went on-air, the company made massive sales within just a few weeks and it is said that the founder struck a deal with John B. Sanfilipino & Sons Inc. selling his company to them at an undisclosed amount.

The company is currently at a valuation of $50 million and is expected to see huge growth in it.

Who are the main competitors of Just the Cheese?

The top competitors of Just the Cheese are Hi-FiBar, Oorja Nutrition LLC, NuGo Nutrition,2Betties, Lindas Diet Delites, Healthsmart Foods, and many more.

Is Just the Cheese still in business?

Yes, Just the Cheese is still in business as of 2023 and is in fact operating a flourishing business.

As of 2023, John B.Sanffilipino & Son Inc. has bought Just the Cheese for an undisclosed amount. The founder of the company now works as a CEO under the new parent company.

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What is Just the Cheese?

Just the Cheese is a company that makes gluten-free and low on carbs cheese, to make it accessible to a larger amount of people.

What's the net worth of Just the Cheese?

Before and during filming the revenue that the company generated was around $3.7 million and the company was valued at around $10 million. As of 2023, Just the Cheese is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million.

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