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How Elon Musk’s SpaceX Makes Money?


Space Exploration Technologies Corp., buying and selling as SpaceX, is an American aerospace producer and space transportation offerings organization founded in Hawthorne, California. It was changed in 2002 by Elon Musk intending to reduce Space transportation expenses to allow the colonization of Mars. SpaceX has developed numerous release vehicles, the Starlink satellite tv for pc constellation, the Dragon shipment spacecraft, and flown human beings to the InternationalSpace Station on the Crew Dragon Demo-2.

SpaceX at a glance:

  • Aerospace producer, launch service, and space transportation.
  • Founder: Elon Musk
  • The estimated valuation stands at $36 billion in 2020.
  • Revenue logged as $1.2 billion in 2020.


Founder of SpaceX

Elon Reeve Musk is an entrepreneur, business manager, engineer, and philanthropist.  Apart from being the founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX he is also CEO of Tesla., founder of Neuralink, and co-founder and chairman of OpenAI.

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2018. In 2018, he was ranked twenty-fifth on the Forbes listing of The World’s Most Powerful People and first on the Forbes listing of the most innovative Leaders of 2019. As of August 14, 2020, his internet well worth was anticipated at $76.7 billion U.S. dollars and he’s indexed by Forbes as the 7th-richest character withinside the world. He is the highest-tenured CEO of any automobile producer globally.

Elon musk

The business model of SpaceX:

Customer Segments:

SpaceX has a spot marketplace model, with a specialized purchaser segment. The business enterprise markets its services to the public and personal corporations that need to move gadgets to space. Its tasks have covered industrial satellite launch, space station resupply, and authorities countrywide protection missions. Specific customers have covered OrbComm, the U.S. Air Force, and MDA Corporation.

Value Proposition:

SpaceX gives 3 number one fee propositions: accessibility, performance, and brand/status.

The business enterprise has created accessibility via way of means of allowing the journey to space for quite less expensive means. This has supplied shipping possibilities for plenty of corporations searching for exploration.

The business enterprise has verified sturdy performance. It has finished several milestones, such as the following:

• Having the primary privately-funded, liquid-fueled rocket to attain orbit around Earth

• Being the primary non-public business enterprise to efficaciously launch, orbit, and get better a spacecraft

• Being the primary non-public company to ship a spacecraft to the International Space Station

• Being the primary non-public company to ship satellite tv for pc into geosynchronous orbit

• Overseeing the primary touchdown of a primary degree orbital successful rocket

• Overseeing the primary water touchdown of a primary degree orbital successful rocket

The business enterprise has constructed a sturdy brand. As the primary non-public business enterprise to actively discover space journeys, it’s miles well-set up and well-known. It has won similarly prominence via its affiliation with Elon Musk, a high-profile entrepreneur who co-based PayPal and based Tesla.

Revenue of SpaceX:

Currently, major source of revenue for SpaceX is its space launch service.

SpaceX logged $2 billion in 2018 and its revenue reached around $1.2billion in 2020 with its launch service.


SpaceX with its plan of Starlink (providing broadband internet services) will be looking forward to adding additional revenue streams in the future.

Along this SpaceX introduced its merchandise as a extra revenue stream.

SpaceX in the future can directly compete with airlines with its reusable rocket service which can make a quicker point-to-point travel on earth.

While talking about its valuation it peaked aroung $36 billion in 2020.


SpaceX Funding Rounds:

 DateAmount RaisedPost-money ValuationInvestors
Series ADec 2002$12.1 m$18.8 mFounders Fund
Series BMar 2005$22 m$70.5 m 
Series CMar 2007$31.5 m$316.5 m 
Series DAug 2008$20.4 m$544.5 mFounders Fund, Threshold, Rothenberg Ventures
Series EJun 2009$47.3 m$796.4 mScott Banister, DFJ Growth, Threshold, Elon Musk
Series FOct 2010$50.6 m$1 bFounders Fund, DFJ Growth, Threshold, Valor Equity Partners, Musket Research Associates
Series GJan 2015$1 b$10.1 bFounders Fund, 137 Ventures, DFJ Growth, Google, Fidelity Investments, Threshold, Valor Equity Partners, Capricorn Venture Partners
Series HNov 2017$452.3 m$21.3 bACE & Company, Ecosystem Ventures, Matthew Pritzker Company, M13, Equidate, Microventures, G Squared, Oakhouse Partners, Decacorn Capital, Zillow Group
Series IApr 2018$214 m$24.7 bFidelity Investments, Otter Rock Capital, The K Fund, 7percent Ventures, Hemisphere Ventures, TH Capital, ACE Capital, StraightPath Venture Partners, Aeon Family of Funds, Team in Residence
Series JJan 2019$273.2 m$28 bFounders Fund, 137 Ventures, Scott Banister, Rizvi Traverse Management, Fidelity Investments, Rothenberg Ventures, ACE & Company, Bill Lee, David Sacks, Valor Equity Partners, Sherpa Capital, Ecosystem Ventures, Barney Pell, Matthew Pritzker Company, Musket Research Associates, Tao Capital Partners, DBL Partners, Michael Cheung, Otter Rock Capital, Syren Capital Advisors, The K Fund, 7percent Ventures, Troy Capital Partners, M13, Seed-Resolute, Microventures, Alphabet, G Squared, Peter Diamandis, Oakhouse Partners, Craft Ventures, Hemisphere Ventures, All Blue Capital, Bracket Capital, Threshold Ventures, Decacorn Capital, StraightPath Venture Partners, Zillow Group, Aeon Family of Funds, Team in Residence, ADIT Ventures, GC1 Ventures, Ernest H. Pomerantz, Lord Rothschild
Series KMay 2019$500 m$32.3 bBaillie Gifford, FoundersX Ventures, Gigafund
Series LJun 2019$314 m$34.1 bVanedge Capital, Space Angels, #adm VENTURES, Manhattan Venture Partners, Gigafund, Ontario Teachers’ Penion Plan
GrantOct 2019$3 m NASA
Series MMar 2020$221.2 m$36.1 b 

SpaceX launches:

Till now they have made 116 launches (excl. Amos-6) in which 5x are Falcon 1, 108x are Falcon 9, 3x are Falcon Heavy.

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Launches by Year:

# LaunchesYear
1 2006


Till 2021, 54 Booster Reuses are done with 21 in the year 2020 alone. Also, around 52 Launches with a Reused Booster are done with 5 in 2017, 12 in 2018, 8 in 2019, 21 in 2020, and 5 in 2021.

Competitors of SpaceX:


Boeing is the biggest producer of aircraft, Boeing planes, satellites, rockets, and missiles. It changed based in 1916 below the call of Pacific Aero ProductsLtd. Being the oldest organization withinside the aerospace industry, Boeing has a huge worker community of over 153k personnel with the primary office primarily based totally in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The organization has generated sales of over$93.three billion in 2017. The deadly crashes of the 737 MAX in 2018 and 2020dripped to sales to $ seventy-six billion however the commercial enterprise has been strong because then.

Boeing announces new MAX orders, grounding crisis drags | Deccan Herald


Virgin Galactic is a component of the Virgin Group, based in 2004 in Las Cruces in New Mexico. The organization is a spaceflight producer presenting industrial space flights and the suborbital space flights. The organization has partnered up with One Web Internet service providers, NASA, Under Armour, and Boom generation withinside the final decade however the consequences for the one’s collaborations have now no longer yielded main contracts for the organization.

virgin galactic


Astranis is an organization that has been producing low value and small telecommunication satellites. The organization changed based in 2014 in San Francisco, California, USA. Since the organization has been pretty new into the market, the offerings are restricted to the verbal exchange satellites yet. With over $50 million in investment and a worker base of 100, the organization can be exploring the satellites, rockets, and space packages withinside the future.

Company Profile for Astranis Space Technologies Corp | Business Wire

Blue Origin:

Blue Origin is founded by Jeff Bezos in 2000 and currently led by Bob Smith as CEO. Blue Origin aims to make space exploration cheaper and easily accessible using its reusable launch vehicles.

Is the company profitable?

Certainly, SpaceX is profitable, it’s launched to this point has made earnings over the value to SpaceX. SpaceX reinvests that cash in innovation and new hardware and software. Being a privately held enterprise, we don’t realize particularly what that earnings are. They don’t have to inform anyone. Unlike Tesla that is a publicly owned enterprise (i.e. Shareholders) and desires to record its earnings and losses publicly. That SpaceX has an organization preserved at Lion’s proportion of the business release marketplace, with its reusable rockets, and capsules, it’s miles making “earnings”. As well, due to the fact its miles pursuing improvement of the Starlink Constellation, (with launches this summertime season of the initial-checking out satellites) and the Star Hopper, complete length StarShip, and the Super Heavy Booster, is going to reveal that it has a deep wallet of cash, from its profits and personal investment.


Amazing facts on SpaceX

  •  They’re the primary private organization to ship a spacecraft to the International Space Station.
  • Dragon, SpaceX’s capsule spacecraft, carried a wheel of cheese on its first check flight as an homage to Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
  • SpaceX is making an attempt to construct 4,000 broadband satellites for the reason of allowing international internet access.
  • They nearly ran out of money. SpaceX’s first rocket, the Falcon 1, didn’t attain orbit 3 out of 5 tried launches. They succeeded on their fourth launch, however got here very near going for walks out of cash.
  • Elon Musk would not plan to make SpaceX a public organization till the Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT), the rocket so as to ferry human beings to Mars, is often flying.

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