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How Does Quora Make money?

If you ever searched a question on google then certainly you have come across this Q&A website Quora! This Unicorn got its name from the statement: Question or Answer which made it to QuorA.



Quora was Started in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo(CEO) who was the ex-CTO of Facebook and Charlie Cheever who also works at Facebook.

Adam D’Angelo

In June 2010, Quora was made open to public usage after raising $11 million from Benchmark Capital.

Currently, Quora is the most organized and highly user-friendly when compared to its competitors Reddit, Yahoo Answers, or Wikipedia.

Revenue Streams:

Since the year when Quora was started in 2009, they won’t show any ads and largely depends on the investors for their survival. But after seven years of Q&A journey, they have started running ads from April 2016 on a small set of question pages.

One important fact to note that Quora won’t display ads to every user it depends on the user’s contribution towards the Quora community.

The second major source of revenue for Quora is its huge and valuable data which they may sell to other companies. As we all know data today is as valuable as oil in the last century, every big player in the market is trying to capture more and more data.


Currently, Quora’s major concern is not revenue but focused more on building a strong product. But while talking about the figures it was estimated by Forbes that at the rate of $0.5 ARPU (Average revenue per user) the revenue will reach $112 million in 2018 and by 2019 it will reach $150 million.
Source: Forbes
Although, Quora reported $8 million in revenue annually in 2018.

Funding and Valuation:

In 2019, Quora was valued at $2 billion after more than four rounds of funding from 14-15 investors. Quora was also the part of YCombinator batch of 2014 and they are backed by investors like Peter Theil, Tiger Global Management, Sam Altman, and others.


Why Quora has a huge Userbase?

Quora’s active userbase is increasing dramatically since 2015 their monthly active userbase got increased from 90 million to about 300 million in 2019.

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Source: Forbes

As per our analysis, the major reasons for their drastic growth are:

Quora well and organized Q&A structure and highly user-friendly UI/UX. Even after the placements of ads, they have not compromised much with user experience as a whole on their product.

Quora keeps introducing new features to make users hooked to their website & App. In 2018 Quora launched Video answers to compete with Youtube query videos.

Currently, Quora is available in many languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Marathi, and many more.

Also, in 2018 Quora launched the Quora Partner Program where they reward members of the program for asking engaging and thoughtful questions.

The most important thing to note is that Quora maintain quality content on their website via several methods like upvotes/downvotes, suggest edits and report answer. Quora’s high-quality content makes them unique today!

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