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About Zubi

Zubi is a course to career platform for students and professionals alike. We are an exciting place to work within the emerging technology space, our mission is to fundamentally reshape people’s journey from learning to earning. We have a flexible, entrepreneurial culture and provide opportunities for fast career growth. The team is an exceptionally talented, mature and storm weathered team of highly experienced and qualified professionals. They have held responsible positions across geographies and with tenure. They will have internal on-roll oversight, advisory, and guidance of professionals.



About the Podcast:

The Bizzbucket podcast, A show where we talk to startup founders, innovators and get to know about the stories behind the product they have built.

In this podcast, we vibe around how Punit is trying to solve the problem of lack of engineering jobs in future technology with Zubi. Also, we discussed around blockchain and cryptocurrencies policies in India and much more about startup and entrepreneurship.

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