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Bon Affair Wine Shark Tank Update


Ever had an affair with wine or loved every sip of wine that you tasted? What if I told you there is a must-have wine alternative in the market for you to buy, would you like to give it a try?

Introducing Bon affair wine. The healthier alternative to everyday wine. This wine is full of electrolytes to energize for the next morning. This power-packed drink will have you up and running in no time at all.

Bon Affair Wine at a glance:

Business ideaWine spritzers with electrolytes
FounderJayla Siciliano
Asked for$150,000 for 35%
Accepted deal$150,000 for 35%
SharksMark Cuban
Business statusIn business
EpisodeSeason 5, Episode 28
Website Bon Affair Wine
Bon Affair Wine at a glance.


Founder Story:

Jayla the healthy and wise owner of Bon affair started this healthier epitome of wine culture due to an incident. She was the one to introduce the idea of Wine spritzers to the well-known wine culture of America. Easier said than done. The owner went on to venture out on the alternative after experiencing two weeks of toasting with colleagues. There was a  need for an everyday wine option that kept her at par with her professional and healthy lifestyle.  

The first two weeks into the idea the founder came up to have discussions with the beverage experts and asked them for advice. She added another twist to the drink by reducing the amount of sugar and adding electrolytes to charge up her every day. The effects of the drink changed her love for wine and now she continues the legacy.

Did Bon Affair Wine get a deal on shark tank?

The owner of Bon affair wine entered the shark tank with a desire of seeking an investment of 150,000 for 35%. The owner had to face many types of players in the tank as to her product. Some of the sharks were experienced in making spintzers and others were not.

She has created a lot of success and hype around her product so far but this isn’t enough. The Bon Affair Wine is available on amazon and 10 California whole food stores. This has allowed the company to sell products worth $11,000 till now.

She has gotten some money from some of her investors but Daymond believes that it is not enough. As per Daymond, She needs $5 million to move forward and he cannot provide that much as he has seen a loss in a similar product. He’s out. Robert questions the valuation, he’s out too. Kevin advises reaching out to Costco, but he doesn’t think the product is worth his time and energy. Barbara isn’t satisfied with the explanation of the product. Mark offers her $150,000 for 35% and she accepts.

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What happened to Bon Affair Wine after shark tank?

The company was able to make 500,000 with the help of Mark’s offer. Mark’s advice also played a significant role in growing the company, He advised creating a container that people could use to keep their drinks. As Jayla went ahead with the plan she saw an increase in sales.

She was in talks with a major winery for an equity deal that had more than 200 distributors. Mark supported the deal and lifted her confidence in her decisions. The company closed its functioning in 2016 as it aired three years before in shark tank. Due to fewer sales but all the efforts paid off when they got sales in the last year. They are successfully doing business as of 2022.  

Product details:

  • The wine is actually purified sparkling water and electrolytes.
  • There is no added sugar
  • It contains 6.5% alcohol.
  • Griffith University has conducted a study on some beer and found how adding electrolytes can increase the hydration for the drinker rather than normal beer.
  • A wine spritzer is a drink that contains Three -quarters of wine and a fourth of chilled club Soda.
  • Bon affair wine is less sweet as compared to normal wine.
  • A Normal wine glass contains 65 calories.
  • The company is still in business as of 2022.

Competitors of Bon Affair Wine

  • KL wines
  • WTSO
  • Allvino
  • ABC of wine

And many more

What is the net worth of Bon Affair Wine?

The annual revenue of the company is $5 million as of now (2022). The year the company was in the shark tank the valuation was $428, 571.   

Is Bon Affair Wine still in business?

The Bon Affair Wine business is picking up speed successfully as it is offering two wines with electrolytes that are made in California. The two flavors are sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah Wine spritzers. They are available with these products in outlets of Quality liquor store and Goody Goody. 

The future will see the introduction of new products and flavors to the product range. Let’s hope this electrolytes packed drink stays for long.

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What is Bon Affair Wine?

Bon Affair Wine is a Wine spritzer with electrolytes. Jayla the healthy and wise owner of Bon affair started this healthier epitome of wine culture due to an incident.

What's the net worth of Bon Affair Wine?

The annual revenue of the company is $5 million as of now (2022). The year the company was in the shark tank the valuation was $428, 571.

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